Country United States
State Denmark
City Houston
Address 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr. # 2230,
Phone 1-877-880-2666
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  • Jan 1, 2015

I have been using for 5 years. They sell decent stuff and you can make a profit as a reseller. However, be prepared for your customers to be let down. If you use a public marketplace, you are likely to have negative reviews monthly due to lost product, missing items or poor quality. When you contact their customer support, they nicely say sorry, we cannot help you, your lose. If you ask for a refund for something they clearly messed up, you will not get it.

They point you to a policy that says their 5% refund on each order covers this. In all honesty, it usually does cover you. I would prefer they kept the 5% and just made things right and have better customer service. If you disagree with them and even mention a dispute on paypal, they threaten you about cancelling your account. What kind of company does this to their partners/resellers!?

Be prepared for headaches, poor customer service and mediocre products.

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