ASA College

Country United States
State Chile
City Brooklyn
Address 81 Willoughby St
Phone 877-444-2032

ASA College Reviews

  • Jul 27, 2017


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  • Jul 27, 2017

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  • Apr 25, 2015

I went to this school thinking I could get my associates fast and move on to obtain my bachelors. This school is a rip off the teachers grade on preference on how they feel about you one teacher thought giving the whole class D's and F's would make them study harder and pay attention for the final another teacher told me she can't give anyone a "A" during the midterm because she would get in trouble and another teacher kept marking me absent and not putting assignments into the computer they are stingy with paper and the library staff are rude and make it very hard for some students to come in and print something I never had this problem but I watched it every time I went in especially the bald white guy he was always rude and nosey.. I didn't listen to the bad reviews because they were so long ago but now I wish I did! I owe them THOUSANDS now because I dropped the classes too late I refuse to waste my financial aid tap or loans on this school and waste my time with a degree I can't even use Plus the Transfers are not transferable no matter what they say you are literally paying $15000 for a piece of paper DO NOT GO HERE CHOOSE A DIFFERENT SCHOOL!!! I hope I save someone a mistake I'm gonna have to pay for in the end.

Plus their books are EXPENSIVE with their logo on it so u can't sale them back anywhere! This school is money hungry should be put out of business !!!! To make another point I was showing the computer teacher how to do some stuff on the computer and fixed the printer... And I only know basic computer skills ... This school is a SCAM and preys on immigrants, single mothers, project kids, broke, and desperate people. And I got A's and 2 B's for midterm but when I called John jay they said they don't except this schools credits! And neither did another university I tried to contact.

  • Nov 7, 2014

When I first enroll in this school and after I started taking courses I had several teachers who did not understand a correct method to teach students. They hired one guy who just sat and came to class to talk about his own life experiences at his jobs and clients he had at a job all day till the end of the class. Had one instructor that was really old for her age who did nothing but just repeat words of a handout every time we had her class but did not explain anything. There where classes that were so over crowded that the instructor could not explain anything to the class because everyone was on their own with just the textbook. The instructors did not show me or many students in the basic core classes of a major the necessary guidance to understanding the material and the school is way to expensive with the lack of the quality of the material and instructors when i was there. The job placement was nothing but long wait on line. Do to the poor quality of the education i receive I wasn't able to understand anything at an internship I did for the course. One of the instructors that taught one of my classes eventually got fired from his job. What does that tell the public they hire just about anyone?. I went to career services they told me i should have push myself further by studying on my own. Then way did I paid over 12,000 dollars just to occupy a seat at this sham for profit school. I made a mistake and they lied about how much it would cost to go to this school. I hope no more people sign up with this school because it's no worth the money or time. Beware of the lack of proper facilities and resources. I had a career placement person disappeared and he did not contact me for two years and the school never notified me that he had quit. During a period of nearly years the school never offered me any job leads in my field.

  • Nov 7, 2014

Enrolled at ASA College in 2010, with a guarantee of employment. Completed the course and have not been assigned any employment, the school was aware that I was recently released on parole and had a criminal record. The proper procedure is to refer students which are incompatible to be employed to other school. The school utilized the opportunity to gain money and later forget the guarantees. I was promised the employment and since graduation of May 2012, a complpeted course I am still unemployed....

  • Nov 7, 2014

As it turns out, the school was providing jobs that have salaries with less pay which can be found without a degree. I had to take intership which was required for graduation which it doesn't make since because I am a working adult that have a job. And the school did not since graduating in 2011 of having place me in a job that I study for. That includes that my former classmates did not find a job and that I have to pay tuition in excess of $29,500.00 which is now overdue. How can I pay tuition if they didn't place me in the job that they suppose to get. I'm still working at a job with very low pay.

  • Nov 7, 2014

I enrolled in asa college in 2010. I explained that I was recently released and that I was interested in the medical course as I had previously trained through another school, and wished to continue. I showed the release papers to the enrolling agent and was told that they had other release inmates in the school. I completed the course and graduated in May 26th,2012, and after attempting to seek employment without their assistance I turned to the career center and although they did send me on three interviews( None of which I was hired for), I have not been successful in attaining employment( partly though-Not Disclosed) due to record. I continued to call the school and when I ask for the career center and they ask my name I get a story that the placement career advissor is busy and or in a meeting.. I was guaranteed assistance and now the school is retracting this.

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