Ascher Walter

Country United States
State Illinois
City Roselle
Address 100 Irving Park Rd
Phone 630-307-1106

Ascher Walter Reviews

  • Jun 4, 2015

WARNING*** Walter Ascher owner of Ascher Consulting LLC is a Business Fraud and Con-man!! I partnered up with Walter Ascher of Ascher Consulting LLC/Radioactive Energy Drink back in Feb. 2012. There were multiple meetings between Walter Ascher (who owns Ascher Consulting LLC and is a Shareholder in Radioactive Energy Drink) and myself discussing Marketing Strategies, Capital Funding, Promotions, and Production of Products for my Clothing Brand. At the end of Feb. 2012 Walter Ascher and myself entered into a contract and agreed that Ascher Consulting LLC would have Radioactive Energy Drink invest $150,000 into my Clothing Brand for a Retail Location, Screen Printing Equipment, Production of Products, and Marketing.

So Walter Ascher wrote a good faith check in the amount of $9,720.00 to my Clothing company stating he would take care of the accounting books because he is a CPA etc.

(Which turned out to be a Lie cause he had his CPA license revoked) So he writes us a check from this other Corporation account called BARA. Then out of that investment money he had me write a check to his girlfriends lawyer for $1,250.00 to pay speeding tickets etc.. I was furious about that but Walter said he would reimburse my company. So after that he wanted to have T-shirts, Tanks, and shorts screen printed for Radioactive Energy Drink. So I created the designs for them (which I never got paid for) and went to my screen printer and had these items printed for Radioactive Energy Drink. Walter made me pay around $5,000 dollars out of the good faith investment money he gave to my company leaving us with only $3,470.00 left for production of products for my Clothing company. After months and months of waiting we never received the investment check for the $150,000 amount promised from Walter Ascher/Radioactive Energy Drink at any point. During this time I had asked Walter for checks to pay for production and photoshoots etc... for my clothing line, which every check he wrote BOUNCED causing us all kinds of bounced check fees, problems with our suppliers, and wrecking our credit ratings with our suppliers!!

So with all these problems going on with Walter Ascher it made me start asking questions about him. After doing extensive research on him the things I have found make me sick to my stomach!

Here is what I found:

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