Ascom Group

Country Switzerland
City Baar
Address Zugerstrasse 32 CH-6340
Phone 414.1544.7800

Ascom Group Reviews

  • Feb 12, 2015

I was offered a position through this company, with the following opening positions: Receptionist, front desk clerk, customer service representative. The lady asked me if I could download the app "Hangouts" and do a online interview with a guy named brian wilson. Here were the red flags as followed: pay - 25/hr and 17/hr for training; I couldn't not video call to actually see the person interviewing me; They said they would provide me wit a w-2. (Jobs dont give you a W-2, Only W-9); They wanted me to give them my bank account information. He wanted me to download a number of products that he said he would pay by sending me a check to deposit in my account, to which, I would use the money to purchase the account. I told him I didnt have a bank account and that I would get open one with statefarm.

After I was offered the position, he explained my job description and told me to report back online at 8am eastern time. I intentionally waited until 8 am central time to see if he would still be there and he was. He asked about my day and if I had a good breakfast (which I thought was weird since I just showed up late for my 1st day of training a whole hour with no penalty). He asked if I opened up my account yet. He was just too persistant about that information and I knew something was up. I lied and said I was a part of homeland security and that all of these messages were being monitored under the bureau of central intellegence and as soon I sent that message, Mr wilson blocked me. that was the last I heard of him and now I must warn everyone of this scam before anyone else falls for any fake ASCOM GROUP job advertisment.

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