Ashless Smokers Lounge

Country United States
State Chile
City North Tonawanda
Address 290 Oliver St
Phone 1 716-562-8273

Ashless Smokers Lounge Reviews

  • Jul 21, 2014

Ashless lounge is a vape/ecig store in nt, new York. Decent, clean employees, knowledgeable and good service. No complaints there. Owner is a pretty nice guy. Great e juice selection, good prices there. I purchased something advertised as a tobh atomizer - no mention before, during or after sale that it's a clone (rip off Chinese products). As well as no mention in store nor on there Facebook. Employee had trouble with my vape I purchased and he asked me if it was a clone. When I said I purchased it right there weeks ago, he got quiet and extremely pushy to finish transaction. The real complaint is I payed $160 for $30 worth the products - $30 at the most. The tobh atty clone can be purchased online for $10. I payed $70. Outrageous.

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