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  • Apr 28, 2014 is a total scam and they will steal your money if you use their services. Very sophisticated organized crime activity in my opinion. Over a three month period from January 2, 2014 to March 28th, 2014. I met many women who only only wanted to chat, and had no interest in being contacted, but only running up your bill. And this is a site that advertises that the women are interested in marriage, and want to date in person.

I attempted to develop 4 relationships at considerable expense, only to discover that multiple people were using the same profiles. The women often forget we had a relationship, and could not recall any of our prior plans. Moreover, as soon as i paid for contact information, the women immediately lost interest, and were never to be heard from again. These were women, who I thought we had developed a serious relationship over several weeks, but when it came time to arrange the real meeting, it became obvious that they too were only interested in running up your tab. In addition, different girls would send the same letters in their correspondence system, and some girls would send you over 50 letters in hope that you would open them at 10 credits each. This too was a strong indication that much of the letter writing was automated. Some women used photos stolen from web site advertising.

When you complain to the site, they say they will investigate, but always come back and say nothing was wrong, only that the women changed their minds. This is a boldface lie, as i personally know multiple people were using the same profiles, hence they are certainly in collusion with the scam, in spite of what they tell you to the contrary. I also proved to them that photos were stolen off the internet, and they did nothing.

Do not believe what they say about their anti-scam policy, it's only their for them to gain your confidence as they proceed to rip you off. It's a total sham. All the services i purchased were done so under false pretense from the women there. This site should be shut down, and management arrested for the criminal confidence game they are playing. I am filing a complaint with the FBI, and hope that you investigate them further.

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  • Aug 12, 2017


Sadly all true. My Chinese friend set me straight !! I experienced all of the above and then some over a two week period. Over 60 letters on average from each women AKA 1600 emails in 10 days. What I did to prove it. I contacted customer service Re: how to secure contact details. I then requested from my Chinese lady to send me a virtual gift and to make a phone call at a specific time, specifically a Teddy bear as apparently that gift and the 12 roses are the only gifts that allow you to provide contact details at 300 credits and 600 credits respectively. (as instructed by customer service). I received two gifts, not a teddy bear gift, contact details xxxx. removed. I told my lady friend if I didn't receive the contact details, that would be it. I received two more letters which I didn't open.( no contact details) There were other details like she forgot she had a brother, she forgot her parents were now dead, both of them at the same time. One women proceeded to give me her email address one letter at a time. that's 13 letters, 13 responses times $6.00 = $156.00 and she was a neurologist? No women had children, all were financially independent, many wanted to look after me so I didn't have to work anymore. (after this experience Ill have to work longer!!) Today one offered to pay me back for all the money I had spent? Don't get me started on all the attachments they never got !!!

  • Sep 8, 2014

I originally signed-up for as I'd seen it advertised on TV, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I was then connected to their sister sites of and On all three sites I was matched up with many girls of varying ages. I even saw a girl on Anastasia who I'd connected with on and another one. As I've been living in E. Asia, I was interested in girls from that part of the world. So I focused on I was matched with a girl named Meilin Huo.

At first she contacted me and besides the intial attraction via the photo shoot pictures it seemed from the profile that we had a lot in common, particularly our faith. So I sent her a love not for free and was able to chat for free too. She responded with another e-mail, which I couldn't open as I had no credits. So I purchased some and we chatted several times and e-mailed one another.

I seemed that we had good chemistry and could talk very freely as we got to know one another. After I'd paid for credits, my bank called me with a possible faud report, saying that it had been charged to Asianbeauties Escort Service. A red flag, but I wanted to continue pursuing the relationship.

So we did, and then I wanted to get off site to avoid the costs. I tried via the chat feature, but it was blocked and she couldn't tell me the name of her company either. So I sent her flowers through the site with a note containing my e-mail and cell #. I was sent a picture of her receiving it and holding up a blown-up version of the note. So it was the same person without the all the make-up and hair done for the photo shoot. But she only sent me one short e-mail so I could have hers. I was able to chat for a very brief time as the site gave me 3 free credits a day. She seems to send me these romantic messages. I laid it out as to my feelings, recounting what we'd said to one another and we'd talked about meeting in Shenzhen or her hometown of Xian.

I've informed family, friends, pastors and my leadership about her. After seeing an article from an American lawyer and several other customers I've written to Meilin accusing her of deceit and collusion in a financial scam. I've e-mailed Asiandate/'s staff as they are one in the same telling them that I'd have to inform the Chinese authorities, American (FBI) and also Interpol of the scam. They will be prosecuted, especially by the Chinese, shut down and people will go to jail. I'd invite others to file similar charges of violation of both PRC and international law.

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  • Dec 28, 2014

Really wished that I could speak to you face to face

Meilin... Humm, I would love to have a description of the woman you call Meilin. I am surprised that the organization Asian Date/Anastasia Data has allowed this to stay up so long. They have a very active organization.

  • Jan 23, 2015, A Big Time Scam Operation

I was fooled by this site to spend over $1,200 over 3 months just by sending letters and made two calls to girls.

4 of the 5 girls I was very interested in over the 3 months are scammers. The all followed a similar script:

First start out sweet and then seduce you with intimate details. Second they wanted to meet in person and promised to travel to the U.S. and see me. Arrangements were made with dates and times but I did not dare buy tickets until they finally confirmed. Final confirmation never happened; the girls came up with excuses. One could not fly because she had a "heart attack", another's mother had cancer and needed surgery, the third girl had lost an investor in her business and was too busy trying to find another investor and finally the fourth simply never confirmed and said she forgot about our plans.

As time went on I had other doubts. Such as they would forget previous details and discussions and sometimes there language was out of character from the way they wrote before. The letters are all script with members names copied onto the letters. Different people reply and write the letters. Each letter or reply costs the members $8.

Two of the girls convinced me to "Call A Lady" option, which cost 100 credits to call for 10 minutes. Each of the calls were over $150 each. I made the calls in part to get contact information from the girls. I got their personal emails and contacted them. The first girl's address did not work so she gave me another, which did work but after a few emails she stopped writing and would not answer my letters. The second girl's email did not seem to work and when I contacted her for another address, she claimed my message was "blocked by the web site".

Out of the 5 women I have contacted only one seems to be real and has not played any of the previous games.

I urge everyone to NOT use this website, I am convinced it is a Scam Operation and they probably steal the girls pictures from the web.

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  • Aug 1, 2017

asiandate cheats.

asiandate will block all the email address and phone number .then they ask you to make special call in their website which costs about Rm500.00 dollars. per call for 10 mins, the call cant go through .then your money is wasted. becareful of this conmen.

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  • Feb 22, 2017

Got out before I got burned badly

I just signed up and when the chick I was talking to didn't know anything about her alleged profession (Doctor) and when I kept getting nickled and dimed from the start I smelled a fat ass rat! I immediately called my bank and had them reissue me a new credit card. Fuck these people!

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  • Nov 13, 2016

IT is a scam

This platform is a rip-off. It uses women to lure men to chat so as to receive very expensive communication cost. When the man or woman inform each other their contact phone or e-mail, then the system will block contact telephone or e-mail so no there is no way they can communicate off this platform. Also the women’s messages seem to be generated by computers, not human.

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  • Nov 13, 2016 is a scam

This platform is a rip-off. It uses women to lure men to chat so as to receive very expensive communication cost. When the man or woman inform each other their contact phone or e-mail, then the system will block contact telephone or e-mail so no there is no way they can communicate off this platform. Some women’s messages seem to be generated by computers, not human.

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  • Apr 22, 2018


Your right I spent a little money very causiously and realised something was not right my so called girl friend gave me all kinds of contact info but I could never contact her so I got a different SIM card and tried it she answered the strange number straight away.

I am just using the compliments box to message anyone free now and I've told them come and meet me if they are so in love with me and I'm waiting now to see.what will happen.

One lady managed to give me her qq and it actually works just awaiting her reply now to see if she is really going to meet me.

Truthfully I think some of the women are genuine the ones without a chat box seem to be really working for real but not sure yet still testing.

One lady that seemed really interested just puts the jist of her message at the beginning so I don't have to read the letter I answer through the compliments box.

She started the chat the other day I messaged her to tell her so she is not real just another computer script, she has cancelled the chat box now.

The ones that seem interested I've told the first one who makes it to me wins the prize if I like her.

A bit cruel I know but I'm real and genuine about the Chinese ladies and I will care for the one I get.

She is 38 by the way not one of the young babies.

I am now waiting to see if there is a rush at the airport near me.

I figured I need to be a little tough to really find out who will come to me if it's the one I think she has been in from the beginning so I'm going to be ok.

  • Feb 14, 2016

Asiandate is tricking people

They also run a lot of different sites with similar names. Like or Anastasiadate.

I got 17 mails without having a profile image or any text in one hour. You have to be pretty desperate to think that this is real. I never purchased any credits from them.

Sometimes, their system fails and the emails have %clientname% in them. This means that they mass-spam all their clients with same emails.

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  • Jun 22, 2015

My Visa card was denied June 17, 15' at Walgreens. I called my Bank of Hawaii consumer help phone number and they told me attempted to charge $56.00 from my Visa credit card account. I did NOT give permmission to charge $56.00 from my Visa card. Thankfully Bank of Hawaii suspected stop them from illegally using my Visa card to steal $56.00 from me. Please be careful of this internet site. Thank you.

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  • Nov 1, 2014


Those people are so full of cap it's coming out of their ears. Is is a cop let fake, the women are not real those photos are touched up and a 50 year old women look 25. The profiles are fabricated by professionals. I asked one of the girls what hotel she worked at and there was a long pause and she never answered my question. The whole thing is to get you to keep buying credits to chat, write letters to them, phone call and you even have to pay to read letters they send. One lady sent me 16 letters. Who does that and where is she getting her money from? They will drain your bank account dry. If you were to travel to see her she wouldn't be there at the airport to me you. You have been screwed. My advise is steer clear.

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  • Oct 7, 2017

Stay Away!!!

To my brothers out there, stay away from this disgusting scam site. These people are not out to unite you with a wife. They are there to rip you off your money. We need to show these crooks we know about their dirty scam and not patronize their filthy site.

  • Nov 16, 2014

Have some in with it

I know it's a scam. I tell them I want to turn them into 3 hole sluts and such. You wouldn't believe how many say yes. Even had one say she would be honored!! I'm having a ball with this

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