Asset Management Specialists, Inc.

Country United States
State Costa Rica
City Bristol
Address 311 Sinclair Rd
Phone 215.486.3267

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  • Jul 23, 2014

We have worked ourselves to death for this company and I started to find it strange when they started assigning work orders and then cancelling them within 10 minutes. Then the real scam started. Here we are cleaning these filthy horrendous houses all over Michigan, (not even within our work area. some were as far away as the Ohio border) and they always find some inconsequential reason why you shouldn't be paid. You cannot meet their expectations no matter how hard you try. It is completely shameful. They want you to do all this work for peanuts, then when it comes time to pay you they find a reason not to. They even at one point took our house away, well within our 72 hour cleaning period and the company they sent to replace us stole all of our cleaning supplies and they were about to steal our generator had we not pulled up to the house when we did. I cannot believe that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not on to this. This is an outright government scam and I am very upset about this companies flagrent stealing. They need to be put out of business.

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  • Oct 10, 2014

former employee reply

I worked internally for this company. We weren't allowed to approve payment for hundreds of houses because of the most ridiculous reasons. For instance one house had a black stove that was cleaned out and the contractor made it white again WITH A SMALL STAIN. that was permanet and theY WERE DENIED MONEY. The pay for the contractors doesn't even cover gas. And from what I've heard they had to lay off over 90% of there staff because they lost the contracts for more than 70% of the industry. I finally moved on and went to the field i was working towards but this place have destroyed so many juman beings to make a buck. They fired women that weren't sleeping with the upper management for no reason. They also trained us to find anything wrong with whatever we could to not have to pay a contractor. And call a contractor on the east coast at 11 pm to complain about there work.

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