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Country United States
State Georgia
City Decatur
Address P.O. Box 371577
Phone (678) 909-0092

ATL Liners & Swimming Pool Repair Reviews

  • May 21, 2015

May 7, 2015 submitted a request to HomeAdviser for a quote and reference for a pro to install a pool liner. That afternoon David from ATLLINERS contacted me and quoted a price, which I said I could not afford. He asked if the pool was drained and what did I think was a price I could afford. David said he would call me back if he could do it for that. Low and behold he called and said they were on their way.

5 Stars

Arrived early evening and had to drain some rain water from old liner and remove, also removed skinner and input port. No sand or any other material to work with. David started to install new liner I had purchased. Unbelievable, it was wrong size, much to big. David removed what he had attached to bead and set liner into box on deck. David collected check for agreed on price and left saying that when I got the correct liner he would return and install liner. Did not remove old liner, left in wheel barrel in back yard. Per HOMEWYSE

Pool Liner Labor 5.6 hours

Direct labor expenses to install pool liner. Includes planning, job equipment and material acquisition, area preparation, setup and cleanup.

4 Stars

Contacted David May 8, 2015 and asked if he had taken any pictures of partially installed liner, as seller wanted pictures showing liner incorrect size. David stated he had not.

May 11, 2015 (Monday) contacted David to inform him I had new liner, He said he would be out by end of week. Called him on Thursday to confirm end of week and he said he would be out (tomorrow) Friday. No show.

3 Stars

Monday May 18, 2015 called and left message asking if he was going to install liner, “yes or no”. No response.

2 Stars

Yesterday May 19, 2015 e-mailed David at [email protected] advising him that he was leaving me no recourse but to give him a bad review. Holy smokes he responded with a phone call immediately. Very disrespectful and yelling loudly that he was doing me a favor, had taken pictures of installed liner and was me that had ordered wrong liner. Tried to talk with him, and yes I had received wrong size liner but I was not the one that had asked him to return. He had made the promise he would return and install new liner, could not get a word in as he was yelling the whole time.

  • May 7, 2015

Their email says: ” estimated time it will take approximately 3 days to complete the job (72 hours includes dry time and prep).

This dry time was never done but so called “footing” was immediately squashed with the cinder blocks and job was hurried in 9 hours resulting inferior quality.

Pool deck repair

- Not level with existing deck at either joint, HAZARD. Not acceptable.

- Cap between sections, HAZARD. Not acceptable.

- Outside not curved like existing deck but with jagged straight sections. Not acceptable.

- Outside edge is sharp unlike rounded edges of existing deck sections, HAZARD. Not acceptable

- No gravel set below the deck.

- I also have great doubts that clay below was damped properly and deck section will probably collapse within a year.

- Summary: TOTALLY LOUSY JOB and done knowingly in a hurry.

Retaining wall

- Footing only 8" wide when normally done at least 12", only 1" thick in some places. Not acceptable

- Side wall not done as per drawing in the contract. Not acceptable

- Back wall not straight. Not acceptable.

- Side wall not parallel with greenhouse wall. Not acceptable.

- No space to move between greenhouse and retaining wall as agreed. Not acceptable.

- Contract specifies the wall to be filled with concrete which was never done. Not acceptable.

- Summary: TOTALLY LOUSY JOB and done knowingly in a hurry.

On top of everything they left all trash, concrete and form lumber on my yard and didn’t clean my tools, wheel barrow, shovel etc. you used without my permission.

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