Atlanta Network Technologies Corp.

Country United States
State Barbados
City Roswell
Address 33 Mansell Court Suite 200
Phone 1.877.293.9797

Atlanta Network Technologies Corp. Reviews

  • Nov 3, 2014

AntOnline indicates a 15% stocking fee for pruchased products. When AntOnline was contacted, via EBAY, they closed the return -- all while ignoring several communications. Other allegations about AntOnline on Ebay are worse.

Ebay ratings of one or two stars for this company are currently greater than 10 %. Low ratings exceeding 5% should be a red flag. I ignored the warnings.

We do not (cannot) recommend that you may any purchases from this company -- either online directly or via EBAY.

  • Aug 27, 2014

I already own a great RCA boombox with an iPod dock. I found the exact same item on eBay. The photrograph showed it was the same color and model. The description was sparce, but said it was new and described a few features. Relying on the photograph, I ordered the item. When it arived, the box had a black and white photograph, so I didn't consider that the item in side wasn't red (as shown in the eBay listing), I also didn't notice that there was no iPod dock on top (which would have been difficult from the photo on the box), which was the primary reason I bought the boombox. The item was wrapped for my daughter's birthday, which wasn't for a few weeks. After she opened the present, the item was opened to discover that it was black instead of red, and worse, didn't have the needed iPod dock. I checked the listing again and confirmed that the item sent was not the item shown. The company now refuses to return it because I did not contact it within the 14 day return window. I explained why that was impossible to have done, given that it was wrapped as a present. But the company won't budge. I checked on eBay and found numerous other times this had happened to customers - showing one item and shipping another. Based on the company's response, it appears that it doesn't care that it did this (maybe even did it on purpose? I will never know for sure). It didn't even apoligize for the error - but instead just said it can't be returned because 14 days had past. Buyer beware. Research this company carefully before buying from it.

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