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  • Jun 13, 2015

I was on on april 15 2015. i was bidding on a allis chalmers 74 planter units. soi was biddding in 5 dollar increments. and got the plnater units. so i went to the town the dealaership was located at in morrisonville ohio. over heard 2 salelman joking about bidding on 2 allis chalmers planter units.chased a guy up on it. so i went to the dealership see if they had my 2 allis chalmers planter units there was nothing there. so i already have a lawfirm hired to sue mayer farm equipment.and sue farmers beware donot bid on

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  • Mar 16, 2019

Rotten operations

Sham scam and do not bid using auction time regardless of how appealing it may look. They do a multitude of auctions for rip off artist and they are yoked in with them! After winning a bid we were given a very outlandish fee for storage of the items at the rate of 686 dollars Per day! And after contacting the seller with a dispute as to the storage fee, they in turn contacting there associate Auction time and we were placed on the blacklist and our auction privileges were suspended. We contacted auction time and they claim they do not MEDIATE between buyer and seller disputes however they tried and convicted a bidder based on there blow buddy’s b.s. story. Our side of the story was very small and insignificant and after several phone calls and complaints to auction time they are still breathing warm air in Equify’s ear. CORPORATE AMERICA AT ITS FINEST!

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