AutoTrakk, LLC.

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Montoursville
Address 1500 Sycamore Road,
Phone 570-329-1000

AutoTrakk, LLC. Reviews

  • May 28, 2015

First your mislead believing your getting financed after you pay down payment and sign they tell you a device be put on car if your late on payment car is shut off your also told it a lease after the fact your charged 3 times more car worth when I returned car they put it on my credit report I owe them over 5,000 dollars if I kept the car which was 2010 Hhr I would paid 26000 dollars. People wanned

  • Dec 19, 2014

I went to a delearship 3 years and was told that i was buying the car, i told the sales person that ive always buy. Well Recently ive learn that it was actually lease and not a buy, i was told from the delearship that my auto loan was for 3 years. Well i call the company and was told by one of their auto specialist a few months ago told me it is 4 years which made it clear that next year it would be paid off next year. I was voluntary turning in my car i only miss 1 payment out 3 years even the boss over the manager specialist said so. This manager was all nce in the beginning than he told me that it was my fault that had a misunderstanding of my contract, he than ask me whyi was turning in the vehicle. I spoke to an account specialist that if a found someone to take over my payments than the lease would be taken care of and how she would speak to u er manager to let me know that didnt happen. So i call today spoke with my suppe accoint specialist she told me that another person couldnt take over my payments, however in the same breath said a person could take over the lease but they would have in the houshold. I told her that this ininformation was not given me the day before and ask her why am i keep getting different infomation from their employees, did i mention they tol me i have another two years to pay for car.

Oh did i say i tried trading in the vehicle for another one and was told by the dedelearship my car was untradeable. i found out the car had tiwo previous owners and both owners had accidents kn the car. I toold this to autotrakk and they said that i should've gotten a carfax report from the dealer. I told the heffer that i ask for a carfax they said to me they couldn't provide me with that information. My delear told me that the car had one owner before me and had no accidents total b*******.

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