Country United States
State California
City Redwood City
Address 900 Island Drive, Suite 203
Phone (650) 249-5280
Website www.avangate.com/

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  • Nov 18, 2014

1 - I received a notice of IOLO software renewal. It was originally ordered 12 months ago without renewal commitment.. Avangate stated they would debit my payment card with 141 Euro. (the software value was GPB 35.00 pounds i.e. 42 Euro max.)

I will decline to accept the shipment, advise the credit card co. of unauthorised collection.

2 - I immediately disputed the charge with an e-mail to [email protected]

This was replied to with a request to open an account against the old order reference so it could be followed up. This in turn led to a long-winded procedure which I would not complete.

3 - On the same evenig, I received a new, almost identical request from a company in Southern Germanmy, Karlsruhe, again asking me for 141 Euro for software to be despatched which was not even specified.

This company appears a copy cat operation of avangate. Its e-mail is [email protected]

Again I have disputed the intended charge.

A very slick operation, clearly fraudulent. Will pass this to UK Consumer Protection Authority. Will ask colleauges in Germany also.

Don't by software over the Internet unless you have watertight information about the vendor. Any "fulfilment" company is a risk.

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  • Jun 19, 2015

I was charged $27.00 for Stringsmotor generator digital report which was not delivered. The product was charged via my Visa card.

  • Dec 22, 2014

12/21/14 Ripped Off Scammed

An amount of $131.16 was taken out of my account by avangate..I don't know complete phone number as it was incomplete.

it said on the debit amout Amerstam NL

The phone number started out 1800-23???

the following sequence of numbers at end were: 5128721412637

also had the 12637 at beign of description...avavgate*

I never had any dealings with them!

My bank says pending and that it will take out on 12/22/14..I am trying

to get it stopped before it goes thru. on Monday...

I don't HAVE ANY IDEA WHERE IT CAME FROM AND I did NOT authorize it!!

  • Oct 10, 2014

They have been charging my credit card [Master Card] each month for $11.52. I have not purchased anything from this company. When you call they give you the recorder run around and you can not get a person on the line.

  • Aug 23, 2014

Their trial software was interesting so I paid $44.95 for the suite. No keys were provided and I may have added malware to my system that got by my Kaspersky protection. It's my own fault, I was in a hury and didn't check Avangate reputation. I'll contest the charge (charges??) and maybe their clearing house will get the message.

  • Jul 31, 2014

I am a Senior Citizen , they talked so fast, with various accents, kept talking and switching me from one person to another.

Now my computer will not even boot-up and is useless. Between the two mentioned companies they have nearly $550.00 of my money and I can,t afford to lose that kind of money.

When I asked to speak to. A supervisor, they cut me off and hang - up.

I just want my money back and the money I've spent with complaint companies.

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