Award Notification Commission

Country United States
State Missouri
City Kansas City
Address P O BOX 2905
Phone 913.338.1823

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  • Nov 25, 2014

Hello my name is larry,, i have just received a protectively sealed mail- official documents. and to Addressee:open on receipt and read carefully. papers filled out to recipient of record. NON-transferable. inside the included a check for $1,140,000.00 from the Award Notification Commission. it thenask me if i would like to receive 1 of 2 options number 1 is the Full $1,140,000.00. or option 2 of $66,667.00 per year for 30 years. I have,nt sent any money yet, and not realy sure if i should send any at this time. i just received this notice today Nov,24th at 4:00pm eastern standard time. i hope that an attarney will contact me in regards to this to make sure that this is not a real ripp off. my name is larry my city Merritt Island Fl.

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  • Dec 12, 2014

Award Notification

My name is Maxine H. And I also received the same notification as Larry. I now feel like this is a scam. Larry thank you for posting this information. Maxine H. From Belle Glade Florida.

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  • May 3, 2014

I am a victim of a scam by the Judging Office and Decisions Center and some Award Notification Commission...Asking me to send money if I won 2,000,000 dollars....Worst scam ever...

Thank you,

Sandra Bass

P.S. I am curious how they get my address and information..Confidentiality is a crime.

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  • Jun 16, 2015

6/15/15 I received this notification from Award Notification Commission. I read the notification and it looked legit a ment, until I read the request for an acquisition fee for $11.89. I immediately goggled the name of Larry Hourd. That goodness for the Internet and ability to research these type of fraud. I was saved $11.89. That goodness for this Internet information. I want to thank my children who have taught me too research every thing. I don't know how u put this type of fraud out of business but we as consumers must be vigilant.

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  • Dec 5, 2014

The letter came in the mail on 12/4/2014 that said I have won $1,140,000.00 and asked me to send them $12.99 as "an acquisition fee for Premium Offer is due and must be enclosed as required". The gave no street address, web address, web email or phone number. Only a P.O. box. I did not send them anything.

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  • Dec 22, 2014

Total scam

I received bathe exact letter just today, once I read where it was asking for a fee, it went in the trash. I will wait for publishers clearing house to come knock on my door

  • Oct 29, 2014

I had got a letter in mail from the award notification commission saying I need pick a option a or b a is 1,140,000.00 an option b is 2,000,000.00 need reply in 7 days an need send 11.89.for acquisition fee. Larry hours executor of awards sent me a copy of a check to show me what my check would look like an reply by mail only .

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  • Nov 26, 2016

think abuot it?

i got this wining notification an mailed it back but did not send them the 12.99 now three weeks thay have sent me another paper saying i did not send my 12.99 an it is put on hold tell thay recive 12.99 it is a scam and cant wait to see what thay send me next do send money if you had won then it would not cost any thing to get the prize an if there is no contact number you can be asured it is not leagle

  • Jul 2, 2015

I was sent a letter that said I had won $1,230,946.00. Then to send them $15.00 to receive, and to tell them how I wanted to receive the money. Larry Hourd, Executor of awards! Mary, Baxley, Georgia. I just want the money, a lawyer. Thanks!

  • Jun 19, 2015

I keep receiven letters in the mail from Kansas city saying I've won 20000000 dollars the letters state to send money then u get a different letter with another reason send more money the documents look very real. I feel this scam artist should be found put in jail an all are money returned plus some. he should have gt real job an pay everyone back

  • Jun 9, 2015

I received this letter in the mail and as I'm reading I get very excited, Lord knows I could use that money. Me being the negative nancy I am, I used Google to research this company and found out I may be getting scammed. People should be ashamed of themselves for misleading people who live in poverty. For that matter anyone. Please take care of this.

  • Jun 8, 2015

Apparently I won 2 million dollars and for a fee of 12.99 I can retain these funds. For and extra 3 bucks I and expedite the transaction.

  • Jun 6, 2015

I recieved an Award Notification Commission Letter in the mail on June 4, 2015.

After reviewing the notification information, I immediately realized that this was a scam with it requiring an aquisition fee of $11.89 and noted that this must be entered before the deadline to be honored and filed offically, "Consequence of late reply would be an automatic termination." Unable to locate a deadline date.

No physical address listed anywhere on the two pages of this notification. Just a post office address of PO Box 2905, Kansas City, KS 66110-2905.

Although this appeared to look official, it also looked very suspicious since there was no number listed anywhere to call. I felt this should be reported immediatly if it can be traced at all. I sincerely hope these scammers can be apprehended quicky to avoid them from scamming people.


Hueytown, Alabama

  • May 11, 2015

This company is a outstanding company at the moments of trust.I have been a particapant with thepublidhers learing house,joing and paticapationand making purchases,here at the company pch,i was told my prize number had been oicked,i was told i had matching numbers and that i would receive at judges letter,ok at thuis moment like rep stated at pch this letter is was what i had thought was my payout establishments,i play in seven thousand a week for life,and many others,this letter askes for $12.99 like the rep staed as well. i havent yet heard from any company requested direct deposit,and have not even receive mail at my address,What lead me to pay was that i wanted to win and had been approached that way and this letter fell up on top of this great payout and now i still have nothing.

  • Apr 1, 2015

I received a letter stating i was the winner of Grand Sweepstakes XV, and sent me the documents i needed to claim such prize.

The documents show all the winning numbers of the entry I supposedly entered, official form numbers, addresses of corresponding companies throughout letter, copy of lump sum check awarded and so on.

They also required a processing fee 0f $12.99 to be sent to ANC (Award Notification Commission) with Larry Hourd as Director Representative

  • Apr 1, 2015

Received notification letter that I won cash, but must send 12.99 receiving the money. Nuts

  • Mar 24, 2015

Company telling me to send cash or check.

In order to win $2 million dollars

Guaranteed to win after money is sent

Other name used Nextgen,Inc customer Service,p.o. box7069,shawnee mission


  • Mar 19, 2015

Looks like this group may be back. I received a come-on from them a few days ago. They informed me that my personal "winning I.D. number has been drawn", and I could be the winner of $200,000,000.00.

In order to claim my prize, all I need to do is register my number by paying this company a $12.99 "required prepayment".

They do require full credit card number if paying by card. Also allow paymen form ofcash, check,or money order.

  • Mar 10, 2015

I recieved the bogus sweepstakes. Real.sweepstakes dont ask for money! This is about the 2nd or 3rd i have recieved . There are no phone numbers and only a po box to contact! I feel bad for the elderly who have sent any fee they sent them!

  • Feb 27, 2015

My elderly father has sent money in the form of checks to this and several other companies on a regular basis and has yet to see anything in return. He envisions winning millions of dollars even though I keep telling him that if he has to send money to them, they are probably not legitimate. This has gone on now for 2 years and I am at my wits end trying to convince him that this is a rip-off and to please stop. I have totaled up his entries in the checkbook to over $1000 and have questioned him why he keeps sending them money and getting nothing in return. His response is that he is a winner and he has no comprehension of what he's doing. Please help me find a way to put a stop to this.

  • Feb 26, 2015

I keep receiving in mail from ANC several notifications of awards in the amount of 2 million if I have the winning number. ANC keep asking for remittance fee of$ 11.89 I did make a payment once and never got a respond back. I NEED to have them STOP sending me RIP-OFF junk mail .

  • Feb 24, 2015

I received a letter stating i won some money and wanted me to send them 12.99. the letter look no right I knew it was a fraud

  • Feb 24, 2015

Letter in mail asking for $12.99 for me to revcieve my money , stating i won $2000000 .

saying its non-transferable

and only reply is by mail

Jodell Indianapolis,In

  • Feb 5, 2015

I was sent a letter from the Commissioner of Judging Award Notification Commission and they said that I could win $2,000,000. I did send them money and I want it back.

  • Feb 3, 2015

The notice coming today from the Corporate Sponsor for Judging and Decisions filled me with hope, only to realize that in asking for money, $11.89 for the acquision fee, the truth of the notice was negated.

If it was just an advertisement for a little crystal pendant it might make more sense, but holding out the offer of 2 million dollars is going to catch many less alert elderlies. This is a shameful way to use old people.

  • Dec 26, 2014

Wow, received an " award letter" from these clowns asking for $12.99 to claim a prize of two million dollars. I don't ever send any of these back, but some people do. I have been a victim of identity theft. They just want access to your personal information. Beware.

  • Dec 26, 2014

Contact by mail that I had "won" 2 million dollars that I could received 1 of 2 ways. All I had to do is remit $12.99 to this Award Notification Commission, located in Kansas City, KS. I didn't fall for it and immediately checked it out through Google/Bing and found that they list this outfit as a fraud. Harold (or Howard) Houck is the supposed "representative". Anyway, everyone should be made aware of this scam. I will be emailing all of my e-addresses this info.

  • Dec 24, 2014

Today i recieved an envelope inside the envelope was a letter stating that i have won $1230946.00 all i have to do is send $12.99 this made me curious so i checked the internet. thanks

  • Dec 22, 2014

I received a letter in the mail which included a copy of a check for $1,230,946.00.

They gave me two options for my cash prize; The above stated amount as a "lump sum" amount, or a "larger sum-amount of $2,000,000.00 to be remitted by annual payments of $66,667.00 per year for 30 years".

They offered a "bonus of $2,500.00 gift certificate for up to 75% off online merchandise and service offerings."

An "Acquisition FEE for Premium Offer is due and MUST be enclosed as required for $12.99 payable to the office of ANC. Enclose your remittance by cash, check or money order." Add $3.00 (for total of $15.99) for RUSH processing.

The two pages were very official looking with seals and "Official Form of Tender No. 13570", and "Judges Decisions are FINAL", and other legalese wording.

  • Dec 23, 2014


I was sent the same letter and get this, my letter had the exact Tender Number: 13570. These criminal didn't have the sense to change the number. Such a shame they are trying to get $12.99 from as many people possible . Number one rule if you have to pay, then walk away. The prize is a fake.

  • Dec 8, 2014

We receive an 'official notice' about winning a sweepstakes prize of either $2,000,000.00 paid in increments over 30 years OR a lump sum of $1,140,000.00. It looked legitimate but then it indicated that we had to send $12.99 as an 'Acquisition FEE for Premium Offer'. Consumers are always warned that legitimate sweepstakes never ask for $$ so, right away, I was suspicious. Checking it out online brought me to multiple other about this same entity. What astounded me the most is that this scam has been reported as far back as 2008, using the same address!!! I'm left to wonder why this hasn't been stopped.

  • Dec 5, 2014

I received what looked like an official Sweepstakes notice today in the mail. I was told I won $2,000,000.00 which I could receive in payments over the next 30 years, or I could choose a lump sum check of $1,140,000.00. I was also told the deadline date to respond was December 31, 2014 and that I would have to send in an "Acquisition Fee" of $12.99 payable to ANC.

I was told to enclose my remittance by cash, check, or money order. This was underlined in bold. I was also told I had to respond my >>Mail Reply Only<< thereby enabling their judges to lodge a corporate certification statement subject to the following pending pronoucment...

Susan (my last name), Congratulations, You have just won $1,140,000.00 or a larger sum-amount of $2,000,000.00 to be remitted by annual payments of $66,667.00 per year for 30 years. It also stated no taxes were withheld and no commissions are due or expressed as a condition of accepting the Award of Cash funds through this letter.

No phone numbers or email addresses were included in this letter. It also stated all forms sent to me had to be signed and returned. If I did not follow these instructions the sum I had won would be considered forfeited.

Upon reading the enclosed "small printed" statement, it was stated that the funds I had won could either be automatically transferred into my banking account or delivered by Courrier.

  • Nov 23, 2014


  • Oct 20, 2014

ANC Award notification

October 20,2014 I received similar letter today saying I won 3,ooo,ooo.oo. New immediately it was a scam because I was asked to send money. The use of language isn't right either.

  • Sep 26, 2014

This larry hourd sent my husband a letter asking him to send him $11.89 and he then in return would be a winner of the jackpot of an award of $1,140,000.00 either a lump sum or he could get a larger amount sum of $2,000,000.00 to be remitted by payments of $66.66 7.00 per yrfor 30 yrs. but i went and looked this joker up and he is truly a scammer. and we will not be sending him a dime

  • Sep 23, 2014


Why would you send them your money, unless you were interested in the PREMIUM OFFER! It states that no purchasing from them will improve your chances of winning. So if the letter says send money for the offer to secure your offer, how is that a scam? It NEVER says you have to send money even if your not interested in the PREMIUM OFFER! Im confused how people can be so simple minded, by NOT reading everything and understanding everything it is telling you. Check at other people claiming they are a scam, look at their copies of their letters and READ CAREFULLY! NOT once does it say you must send money to keep your preselected winning numbers. SMH!! Dont fall victim of becoming a dummy, dont you think they would have stopped them by now? Using the same address and letters and envelopes? Doesnt seem like they are trying to hide anything, just shows how simple minded the world is.

  • Nov 29, 2014



Consequently, I must now inform you that delivery status for the Premium Offer (Which I declined!) has been put on hold: WE CAN TAKE NO FURTHER ACTION IN THIS MATTER UNTIL YOU SEND YOUR PAYMENT IN THE ENVELOPE PROVIDED.

Now, if you please, explain your statement, and I quote: "It NEVER says you have to send money even if your not interested in the PREMIUM OFFER!"

By the way - How much was YOUR "reward"?

  • Sep 8, 2014

I received a letter saying I won $1, 140, 000.00 or I could choose option b and receive annual payments of $66, 667.00 for thirty years if i send $11.89. I was really excited thinkig that after two years of answering publishers clearing house emails it had finally paid off. Only to be highly disappointed to receive another letter after sending in the money order requesting another $11.89. That is when I decided to check out the address and comoany and found its a scam. I cannot believe the authorities or even publishers clearing house (seeing as they use their name) has done anything about these people. I will never send money like that again nor am I answering anymore pch emails again, because these people had to get my info from somewhere that I entered into a contest to win money and I'm thinking PCH

  • Sep 3, 2014

ANC keeps sending me this Official Declaration of Certified Award and Provision of Payment. This company is listed on internet as a Scam. However, they continue to send me mailouts and ask for fees in order to allot me prize money. What can be done to stop these Scammers?

  • Jul 31, 2014

The letter came in an official looking envelope with a corporate seal. The letter states that an awarded lump sum will be awarded if I send in $12.99 in either cash, check or money order. The only way to enter is to mail the money in and there is no phone number or any other conact information provided. There is what appears to be the copy of a check at the bottom of the first page. The commissioner’s name is Larry Hourd and that

The second page looks even more official because in capital letter at the top of the page it reads, Official Declaration of Certified Award and Provision of Payment. It then goes on to show the award amount and has you choose one of two payment options. Then it is signed by the judge and stamped in red letters Final. The bottom of the page shows a signature line and states the Premium offer will only be processed for $12.99 and below that in smaller print it says "to elect special "RUSHING PROCESSING" add $3.00 (total enclosed $15.99)

I knew this was a scam and that it was impossible that I would have won this amount of money because I never apply for any sort of sweepstakes or jackpots.

  • Jul 30, 2014

I did not remember entering a contest with the Award Notification Commission. The letter saying thst I won 1,320,000.00 made me hesitate.

I was required to send them $12.99 to get it delivered. A copy of the check for me was in the letter. Why could I not cash that? I hope they are not making a lot of money getting all those checks for $12.99 in the mail.

  • Jul 26, 2014

Received an official looking letter in the mail saying that I was the potential winner of $3,000,000. All I had to do was send in cash or check of $12.99 within 7 days . Drawing would be Feb.28, 2014. Sent to me by Award Notification Commission at PO Box 2905 Kansas City, KS. At first it looked like PCH because of wording that was very similar. They asked me to send cash or check of $12.99 with a form to the address above, I knew something was wrong when there was no name for Contest that I had entered.Save you money and don' get rip off by these criminal. Their contest is to end Feb. 28, 2014. Just enough time to pack their bags & get out of town.

  • Jul 26, 2014

Hi I received this letter in the mail telling me I won a sweepstakes! It told me to pick out Lump sum check or the 30 year distribution checks!! I dont remember entering this sweepstakes??

Anyways in this letter,it says: to take possession of the cash prize, I have to reply before the enforced deadline of 7 days. The deadline is strictly enforced!! A special premium offer is being held in my name concisting of a bonafide $2,500.00 gift certificate for up to 75% off merchandise.

All I have to do is send $12.99 in electing to secure the premium offer!! Its funny how I cant seem to find anything on the internet about this company.

  • Jul 23, 2014

Received a letter stating I had won $1,320,000.00.

However, to collect the prize award, I would be required to mail in $12.99 (cash, check, or money order) as a pre-payment fee.

The letter refered to two options: 1.) Lump-sum check for $1,320,000 or 2.) $66,667.00 yearly for 30 years.

These types of scams need to be stopped immediately.

  • Jul 23, 2014

Received a Urgent Notification from Award Notification Commission which says I was recently contacted by Mr John McNabb confirming that the sum of $3,000,000 - Three Million Dollars would be paid to you contingent upon if your ANC Control No. being officially established as a match for the winning number.

With your submissionof Form 1060A and ANC Control No. you are, under the conditions noted above, indeed officially entered for the 3,000,000 Sweepstakes, no further action is necessary.

Make your check or postal money order for 12.99 to ANC.

Never heard from Mr John McNabb, contingent upon if your ANC Control No. being officially established as a match for the winning number, should not pay for an entry that is contigent, should never have to pay 12.99 to enter a Sweepstakes, doesn't say when Sweepstakes ends, doesn't offer a winners list.

This is nothing but a scam and should be reported to the United States Postal Inspection Service for mail fraud. Here is their website You will have to type in the website address as it does not work by clicking on it.

  • Jul 14, 2014

I did pay 25.00 before my daughter checked it out on the internet. What puzzle me is that they have to be scanning a lot of people in order for them to continue with the paper work. Every week i am receiving paper work requesting for more money. 11.99 or 12.99. Today my letter actual says congratulations you have won $1,320.000.00. However an acquisition fee for premium offer is due and must be mailed in the amt of 12.00 making the check, money order or credit card to ANC. Now because I am the winner they need my checking account no to place the money in my account for Direct Deposit. Also there is an executor name listed. There has got to be something that can be done about this, what about the elder people that may be being rip- off by this same scan and have no excess to a computer. How many complaints is needed before something is done. Ok yes they got my 25.00, and I learned a lesson, but what about the next scan?

  • Jul 11, 2014

Recieved on Christmas eve a begging letter, asking me to send a check in for 12 dollars and 99 cents so as to get me to give my street address and other information. For 12 dollars and 99 cents I was to give financial information, including bank account numbers for criminals to use. Transparently phony W098 form with big fonts and no coherent reason for doing it. The entire scam is as implausable as a 3 dollar bill. If I had done it, they would have raided my bank account, if I were dumb enough to get an actual check. They should be prosecuted for organized crime, since that is what this is.

This was within a week of buying Discover magazine on a discount basis, from PCH. While PCH has its habits, it is NOT a scam. This one is, and it burned me up.

  • Jul 7, 2014

I am a mother out of work and I recieved this award letter asking for acquisition fee. I can't afford to be giving away money for a scam. If i won some money why would I pay for processing.

  • Jul 4, 2014

I had a phone call couple days ago saying i have won a millon dollars just send us 12.99 to get the money to your bank. i almost did it till i said let me look on the wed page to see what comes up.. and to a surpise it was this site as rip off scam city, they need to catch these guy's and lock them up. i wish for a dream sometime's and wish to be true, but it is not a fairy tale world. thanks for the web

  • Jul 1, 2014

Being a recent widow, 67 yrs old, I was excited when I first opened this mail because of my limited finances.

After reading it and looking for certain things like, a familiar name, logo, etc. and finding none of these, I read further and became suspicious. For one thing, there's only one place I enter sweepstakes and this isn't it.

I don't mind telling you how heartbroken and disappointed I was. I decided to go online and do a search for this Award Notification Commission. Certainly glad I did!!!

They said I had won either a lump sum of $1,140,000.00 or a 30 yr Annuity of $2,000,000.00. Also for $12.99 will send me...a $2500.00 "gift certificate" for up to 75% off online mdse and services...I see that place is also a scam!!! I don't understand a "gift Certificate" for "up to" 75% off...must be an awful expensive site!!! and WHY would I need to pay for a Gift Certificate if I just WON ALL that money??

In closing, I just want to say, I think it's so sad that some people feel the need to SCAM honest people. They need to get a real job and pay taxes like the rest of us!!! I know in my heart that GOD sees and will take care of this injustice...

Thank you for this opportunity, I really appreciaate websites such as your's.

God Bless You.

  • Jun 27, 2014

I just reiceved yesterday 5/9/2014 a letter stating that i was chosen and won 2,000,000 dollars. The only company i tried doing this with was the company i get my magazines from and still believe that their lying. Because their still trying to give me a premuim offer, (2) on the letter it states no phone number to call, (3) they give you a follow up phone call stating that you are getting closer to winning, (4) and on the letter it also does not give a site to attend too, (5) and finally they have on the second page a freaking barcode for the premium. If you didnt notice these things, than theire getting you. I had a feeling something like this could happen but i gave it a shot to see if it was actually real and now im pissed because as i popped up the address i see the same scams these assholes are giving that sound so familiar. Now i know i would never do nothing like this again because i recieved so much fucking magazines that i dont even know what the hell to do with them.

  • Apr 28, 2014

If you received a letter in the mail saying you won, well I am sorry it is a lie, and they are just trying to get money from you, dont do it. Some clues are, send cash, nobody does that. If anyone was to win this amount of money they will not ask you to reply by mail only. ANC award notification commission is NOT real so save your 12.99.

  • Apr 12, 2014



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