Awareness Technologies

Country United States
State Austria
City Westport
Address 88 Post Rd. West First Floor
Phone 8886829501

Awareness Technologies Reviews

  • May 14, 2014

In August of 2013, I purchased a years subscription to Awareness Technologies WebWatchers for my company PC. I was basicly pleased with the service. In April of 2014 I received an Advertisment about their new I Phone Watcher and it stated all you needed was the ID and password and the service would receive text, calls and GPS. From this advertisment I purchased it for our company phone. I soon found the service does not work on a satellite system. It must be operated through a Wifi system. After contecting their tech dept I was told this system would not work on our I Phone. Under those circumstances, I asked for a refund and they refused because I should have asked about the Wifi. However the advertisment clearly did not state it required a local Wifi hookup to work. The next day, I received a new, updated and corrected I Phone advertisment that had been re-worded to state you needed a wifi hookup in order to work. After Awareness Technologies re-worded their advertisment, I had a legitimate case to disputed the charge on my card. Giving the bank both advertisments, the adversisment I purchased from and the updated one, the bank refunded my charge. The day after the dispute, Awareness Technologies fought back by blocking my previously purchased PC Webwatcher account. This account was paid in full last year and is not due to expire until August 2014. Out of their anger, they have blocked my PC Webwatched account which has nothing to do with the I Phone account purchased this past April. In essence, they have stolen 3 months of a prepaid account totally seperate from the disputed account. To me this seems like theft or fraud in some way. Its simular to purchasing a washer from Sears and a year later, purchasing a defective TV, yet when you return the defective TV, Sears steals the washer you paid from the year before. I don't believe this could possably be legal for them to be able to do this. This is Theft and Fraud in my book. Either reactivate my prepaid account or refund my remaining unused funds for the remainder of the activation period. BUYER BEWARE!

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