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AXA Group Reviews

  • Jun 1, 2015

In 2009 I filed for divorce in Ellis County Texas from my now late husband and at that time we had been paying hundreds of thousands a year since 2007 to Axa for life insurance/retirement on my late husband since he was the primary bread winner. We also had over 3 million dollars invested with Axa Finacial professional Scott Sladovnik. In 2011 Scott Sladovnik and my late husband violated court orders and started a new company as partners and went into millions of dollars of loans (despite the fact my late husband and I had no debts and millions in cash and property). Scott was giving a copy of the temporary orders and reviewed with attorneys and still violated court orders. The life insurance policies were valued at 11 million dollars in 2014 when my late husband died. I was informed within HOURS of my late husband passing that both policies were put up as collateral and Scott was giving notice in 2013 for these policies my community property was paying for and that one policiy was suppose to go to my minor children in a trust and instead went to pay AXA ADVISORS life insurance Brokers mutually owed debts despite Judge Joe Grubbs court orders. Not only did the life insurance go to pay debts Scott was liable for and mutually owed the 3 million dollars of cash was almost gone to pay this company debts also. I was forced to sell everything we had to pay attorneys and survive despite hiring Scott And AXA to protect my family. They destroyed my familys finacial stability by leaving me the 43 year old widow and her minor children with bank loans and debts for a company I had no part of or agreed too. I protected my family by getting court orders and by hiring what I thought was a honest company like Axa but they stand behind what THEIR broker did. Robert Fitzpatrick with Axa is suppose to be Axa lead investigator for complaints and yet when I complained he told me his agent and broker did go into those debts with my late husband and did violate court orders but they and their agent was not at fault. Well looking on their website promising if your spouse dies that they are the company to TRUST I can promise you first hand DON'T!!! We were multimillionaires and now I do not know what my children and I will do but I do have help the Texas Department of Insurance is investigating it now but I can show everything I am saying in black and white proof. Please protect your family do not trust Axa or their brokers they do not have any respect for ethics or widows of minor children or a judges court orders.

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