AXIA College, Apollo Group Corporation

Country United States
State American Samoa
City Phoenix
Phone 16027134223

AXIA College, Apollo Group Corporation Reviews

  • May 6, 2014

For background information, I am a 100%, Service-Connected, Disabled Veteran of Iraq. Years after my military service, I had been writing military Concept and Design, for DARPA [ Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ]. Many of my weapons, and armor, systems, have been fielded in Iraq, and Afghanistan, during the 12 year duration, of these conflicts. One day, I recieved a letter from SAIC, a defense contractor at Lackland AFB, stating that a laptop had been reported stolen, with my personal and military information, on it. Soon afterward, I was sequestered to take a VA physical ( I am permanently rated, 100% ). The company was civilian, and obviously fraudulent. The day I received my recruitment call, the individual stated his name was Lance Cole. He went on to describe how he was a retired Army, First Sergeant, Special Forces, who had worked as a Signal NCO, for two separate Presidents, in the Oval Office, Air Force One, and overseas. He stated that he was [ sitting at a table with a bunch of Marine Corps., Generals ]. I agreed to attend AXIA College, to pursue an Information Technology degree. I went to this college for seven months, and did well. One of Lance Coles' personal suggestions, was for me to [consolidate], all of my debts. When I did not, he privately purchased my vehicle lien, credit card debts, and other financial instruments. Imagine paying a car note, of $615 per month, with a company that has no telephone number. I have had many of my financial obligtions, circulating through shadowy, high pressure, collection agencies. Since the degree of Identity Theft was intense, and I did not perpetrate it, there is no way of my knowing its' full extent. I could implicate some very powerful figures, involved in this, although I would rather wait. These financial instruments are, by and large, [unsecured], financial tools, and this is a game of attrition. AXIA College was a necessary front. It was a Liberal Arts college, funded by Libertarian scoundrels, managed by a Signal finance pirate, attended by a Disabled Veteran.

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