Axiom Motors

Country United States
State Florida
City Brandon
Address 329 E Brandon Blvd
Phone 813-315-9802

Axiom Motors Reviews

  • Mar 5, 2015

Me and my husband went to Axiom Motors used cars !! cars were much over priced i believe but talked me into buying a buick rendezvous siaid they went through car top to bottom almost new only 70,000 mile range talked car up alot said ready in couple days well turned into almost a month and he had my trade in and money kept saying not ready yet finally after the long wait eveything should be perfect and i paid for a premium warranty on the way home from axiom i made it about 15 miles car started pulling to left bad smoke out of tire like on fire no power when hit the gas seat in car would no work or ajust called right away not worth wait said bring by office they will look at it well they did said it was fixed and smoke was from spray paint burning off ha . not really car still pull to left butnow omg the ac isnt working the cadillac converter is bad hole in exhaust car temp. gage was going up 3/4 the way keep calling radio was shorting out took it apart to fix made everything else stop working also if that wasnt enough all with in 30 days the cable to transmission linkage came off and car wouldnt start well warranty did not good on any of this tow was covered nope warranty was to cover didnt i had to pay pulling hair dealing with this the worst!!!! also computer boards were not workig right as well drew said park it after fighting over me not wanting to pay to fix this out of pocket promised almost new car great bumper to bumper coverage i paid 1900.00 for didnt do anything by the way have no car but payments 300.00 a month fair i say not well after hell got a outlander for loaner wow transsmission was so bad through my back out and tire flat everyday great after waiting month sometime with a car half working sometimes nothing but stress drew has made me sick going crazy cant sleep drew shows us a jeep a ok looking jeep promise this one is it i will switch the deal over from buick so we arnt all payment money got tag no new paper work was needed at time because same deal switch cars goog to go nope calledus three weeks or so later said we need new paper work lose your money not the deal we made with him greedy then keep calling very rude threatening to repo if we dont sign for more mony he had the buick the whole time on his lot when i was paying and even call to tell us he would impound the car our tag had no been on in months then he wants 1700 more down keep running credit with out me knowing it and no need thought deal was done no money went to jeep just his pocket spoke with him about what we agreed on and he got made started harassing me none stop cops repo guys on and on text my phone now its going to be 1900 called me a thief and very long nasty messages he should of been truthful from start car wasnt rebuilt was a pile of junk he told me to park on his lot and forget about the car someone ran the hell out of it he said now he has run the credit to see top dollar he can steal more from us still going on now and the car deal was back in october goodness he will not help just lies steals money and thinks your stuck and he can scam you and suck your bank dry and bring credit scores down because of running it over and over had no reason to do this didnt even know until the mail started rolling in has affected my family very much were trying to buy our first home now credit is crap displace our familys living arrangements now not fair or ok please protect your self say away from this guy all cars are junk better off going to salvage yard same odds think about it they was so much more wrong with this deal not enough time do your home work and also his interest rates are almost alway 24.99% yes you are redaing it right wow and can even drive for a day i believe he takes advantage of any one hecan catch and makes it sound so good but sooo bad drew is very rude like push you around tries scared tactics to push an push buyer beware so much more bad happen put think you get the idea RUN RUN RUN!!!!! thanks hope you dont find your self in this situation very upsetting and over stressful thanks for reading hope it helps someone not enough room to write the rest of the stuff that was wrong a least 5 more major issues and i have to look out for repo guy going through my mail box and throwig trash in my yard when theres nothing to repo top liar iv ever met

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