Ayuda Latine

Country United States
State Aruba
City Norwalk
Address 14422 Pioneer Blvd
Phone 8884165151
Website ayudalatina.net

Ayuda Latine Reviews

  • Jul 3, 2014

I was greeted with such respect and dignity when I walked into the office, but once everything was said and done it seems like they walked off the face of this earth, along with my tax money. I have been trying to reach them since May with no luck and have even waited at their place of business with no luck of spotting them to inquire about my refund check. I have called their office more than I can count, and now it seems like their voice mail box is full and office is empty.

I suspect there can be others who had their taxes done with them, and who have not received their check. I believe this to be fraud as I have not been contacted about my taxes or when I would receive my income tax check from them. I really do worry as they took all my personal information pertaining to my back account, along with my routing number and account number that was supposed to be used for my direct deposit of my income tax check. I was told that my refund would be deposited into my bank account once my taxes were filed and cleared with the IRS, but it seems like they changed the information prior to sending in my taxes without my knowledge that reverted in my check going to their place of business as described by the IRS via-phone

I have contacted IRS in regards to this matter and they told me that a check was issued and sent to their place of business (Ayuda Latina). I suspect that there may be many more people out there who have had similar issues after talking to two people who happen to stop by while I was waiting in the front of their business (Ayuda Latina). I came across a women and a man who said that they did not receive their refunds, nor were getting their phone calls returned. They were furious about prosecution due to the sensitive nature of the incident. I shared similar experiences and great concern about the whole situation in this matter because I was in the same situation.

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