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Ayudos Reviews

  • Apr 25, 2015

We are a creative team from Mysore(India). We have started a campaign in Indiegogo In order to Give more opportunities to Fresh Talented Animators. we hardly got help from our Inner circle ,so we decided to take help from promotional websites. We started our campaign on Feb 25th 2015 and took the package from AYUDOS.COM of $195 on 28th feb 2015. He asked us to send details for Press Release and banner of our campaign. We submitted on March 1st whatever details he wanted from our side. It’s been 30 days for our campaign and still no progress from Ayudos.com. He has not done anything according to the package and he has not done even a single thing according to services mentioned in package, we are completely disappointed from his service. We have been sending mails everyday and they wont even respond to our mails regarding updates.

They have not even worked to raise 1% funds for our campaign ,as of now it’s still at 0% .Very bad service from Ayudos.com and they don’t do as they say. There is no progress at all. It’s better not to waste your money and time on Ayudos.com. We want complete refund of our money.

  • Oct 17, 2014

I purchased the 89.00 "Premium" Services from Ayudos to aid with the marketing of my crowdfunding campaign. Despite sending all requested items the same day that my "account manager" Mike asked for them (a banner and a press release), I didn't hear anything for a week so I reached out and asked what was being done. The services that I purchased promised 2 Sponsored Facebook posts, featured blog article, press release syndication, detailed analytics/stats, project page optimization, email/newsletter featured, crowdfunding ebooks, dedicated campaign and account manager, increased traffic and referrals.

Of those, I got AN ebook that was so basic it was of no use to me, and a retweet from Ayudos of a tweet that I tagged them in. After I asked for the links to my blog and press, I was assured that they had begun work on promoting the campaign and would have a full update ASAP. They also said that they would like to make a donation to my campaign if I wanted to move ahead. I said that would be fine if they could please tell me what to expect in terms of the press and promotion. I again heard nothing from them and so 4 days later I again emailed and said that I had not gotten a full update as promised.

Only then did they make a measly 2 dollar contribution to my campaign. I emailed back saying that it was laughable considering I had not received proof of any promotion of my campaign minus the pathetic ebook and a retweet, and I asked for a refund minus the 2 dollar donation (87.00) Mike wrote back "I will send you your full update and article right now." Two hours later, "right now" hadn't happened, so I wrote again asking for a refund. I heard nothing. I then wrote again five days later asking for a refund since I had heard nothing. Mike seems to have gone radio silent and is ignoring my requests.

So to recap, I got a tweet, and 2 dollars. I think I was included in a newsletter, but I couldn't find the link to my campaign admist all the other campaigns in the "round up." needless to say, nothing of mine was ever "featured" in blog posts or press as promised, there were no sponspored posts, and no proof of any work other than a tweet and a miniscule 2-buck donation (to appease me AFTER I'd asked for links and then a refund).

I wasted valuable time going back and forth with Ayudos trying to get the services promised as the time on my campaign ticked down. I have the information of every single contributor and other than thte 2 dollars they put in themselves, Ayudos brought not a single contributor to my campaign nor provided any proof of press release syndication or the numerous other things that my 89 dollars was supposed to get. Numerous companies offer these types of services, and I found Ayudos on a crowd funding article that praised them, which is why I chose to go with them. I am writing this so that other people won't fall for the same line of BS that Mike has continuously fed me.

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