AZ Mattress Shack

Country United States
State Arizona
City Youngtown
Address 11129 W Michigan Ave
Phone (623) 239-6518

AZ Mattress Shack Reviews

  • Mar 10, 2015

Be very careful with this young gypsy couple in the Northwest/249/Willowbrook area in Houston Tx. They are selling very cheap quality Mattress / Mattresses all over the internet and what you pay for it NOT AT ALL what you will be receiving. They state that they provide a 5YEAR WARRANTY, but thats a total LIE, I called them 12 hours after I received them and they did abosolutely nothing to fix the problem. All she said was "ALL SALES ARE FINAL" and yes it said that in the receipt, but at least she could of exchanged them and did not care. That same night my 18th month old son opened his forehead with the cheap spring box that was provided. I keep calling them, but they blocked my 2 numbers and when I called her from a friends phone number she answered immediately very friendly thinking I was another victim. Now I am wothout my $500 and no mattresses because my $50dollar inflatable mattresses I had were much better then these, and are the ones we are using again because those other ones are extremely bad.

Be very caregul and do your homework people. Its best if you end up spending $500 for just one mattress, but you know it will last you for years and not like these that were not even a day old and look like they have been used for years. I tried and tried fixing this problem, but these people are con-artist so I will think about it twice on BUYING A MATTRESS/ MATTRESSES FROM THEM.

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