AZ Pool Cleaning

Country United States
State American Samoa
City Glendale
Address 4431 W. Keating Cir
Phone 623-500-2300

AZ Pool Cleaning Reviews

  • Oct 17, 2014

I have used #AZpoolcleaning ( for the past several months. Although they have good service, you can't trust it will get done. My stay at home wife brought to my attention that they had not seen the pool servicemen for weeks. When contacting the owner of AZ pool cleaning, #RickReiss he said no we have been there she must be mistaken. I took maters into my own hands putting a lock on the gate restricting access. Another week goes by, no call or text as to why they cannot gain access. Yet the bills keep comong in with no adjustments. Finally, I stopped payment on two checks that really got there attention. When they asked why I asked them to please submit proof of there work, pretty simple request right? They were defiant and refused to submit anything. Finally Mr. Reiss sends me a text saying"just pay us what you think is fair". This gave a clear indication of their guilt not performing the work in which they stated. But I still insisted please submit the proof and I will pay you in cash the days you have worked. Nope! Now they want to take me to court for refusing to pay, go figure! Word of advice, stay away from AZ Pool Cleaniers, ther are far more professional companies in the area!

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