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  • Feb 20, 2015

I listed a 1950 33' Spartan Royal mansion on ebay and sold it to a Mark Marriott AKA AZ Vintage trailers. I specifically stated in the sale that buyer responsible for shipping "pick up only". The buyer hired a shipping co. that picked it up and attempted to pull it without brakes to Scottsdale Az but on the way they broke an axle and claimed I first put the wrong wheels on,then they said wrong tires ending with I had the wrong nuts on causing the breakdown. There was new tires and wheels but I am legally not responsible for the trailer by law once it left my hands.

The buyer tried to ding me through ebay for 1400.00 in damages and to return the trailer for a full refund at my expense. Ebay favored me the buyer after all the rules and evidence was weighed and said no refund to the buyer. Mark Marriott then went to his bank and reversed funds claiming to his bank Chase bank, that an unauthorized transaction occured and his bank reversed payment leaving me the seller neg almost 6K in my paypal.

Mark kept the trailer and claiming my claims are not true and fruad. Mark now is trying to sell the trailer out of the company on ebay and some site in Turkey.

Mark also claimed the title wasnt good to get a case opened on ebay but I have picture dated proof that shows he knew exactly what he was buying. The end result is Mark Marriott still has the trailer and only paid 2200.00 to have it shipped and got fully refunded by Chase bank for the trailer sale leaving me the seller to foot the whole bill of the sale. It appears I was scammed and buyer got a free trailer. Right now Paypal is calling me to pay for the sale and threatening collection. unreal

  • Nov 3, 2015

Jeff Tellefson and Jenny Tellefson (100% FALSE ALLEGATIONS)

Yes, I purchased a trailer from Jeff Tellefson and Jenny Tellefson as a PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL. I gave him ample time to rectify the issues that followed the sale based on his falsely promising me the trailer was trailer-able and repaired professionally and in the described condition AND IT WAS NOT!!! These two hid behind eBay like a scared little boy and girl behind their mothers dress. The trailer was grossly miss-advertised and I was completely mis-led by their deceptive ad on ebay and subsequent text messages and emails that followed pre and post sale. Secondly, Jeff Tellefson and Jenny Tellefson did not legally own, register or had any legal proof of having the right to sell the trailer for the current owner's whom it was titled to. Yes, eBay failed to stop the fraud that I encountered with this couple as eBay did not want to admit they allowed this illegal sale of the trailer, facilitated through the miss-classification i.e. sold as (RV Parts & Accessories) vs. (Travel Trailers) as it should have been. Yes, eBay did not uphold their very own "buyer protection policy" on travel trailers that I was entitled to invoke and I should have been given the right to utilize, shame on eBay!

Eay should have facilitated a full refund to me for the payment of the trailer, shipping costs, cost related to the accident that was caused by Jeff Tellefson's lies about the attachment of new wheels, new and correct lug nuts and type and tires to the trailer before it departed from Washington (all documented on text messages). Jeff Tellefson and Jenny Tellefson risked the life of the transport company's driver and innocent drivers who were on the highway the day the wheel of the rear axle broke free and caused an accident due to his arrogant negligence. eBay's out come should have been completely the opposite but they are in it for the money and clearly to protect self-serving dishonest sellers like Jeff Tellefson and Jenny Tellefson. The reality, the sellers Jeff Tellefson and Jenny Tellefson didn't want the trailer back. They knew they were in the wrong and that the trailers value was reality was not worth 1/10 its actual value! Lies, Lies, Lies Jeff Tellefson and Jenny Tellefson shame on you, shame on me for believing you were telling the truth!

Therefore Jeff Tellefson and Jenny Tellefson hid behind a self regulated and bias eBay ruling (absolutely not the court of law by any means) and refused to correct the issues. Yes, I had to take drastic measures to protect myself from this fraud, reversing the payment was my only and last ditch effort to get their attention and was at the advise of sound legal counsel. This was defiantly not "theft or intent to steal in any way shape or form", rather a legal way of forcing them to deal with their deception. These folks threatened and harassed me, threatened myself and my family and also sent a family member from Arizona who tress-passed on my property here in Arizona. When they did not get the outcome they wanted, then they took to the internet to try and drag my name and my business's names through the mud. FYI: "this purchase was a private sale on ebay, not in any way related to either of my businesses".

This is simply the Tellefson's attempt to shame me on the internet and it has not worked, nor will it ever. I have an impeccable record with both the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and in the court of public opinion from those who have had purchased or sold things to and/or through me as an individual and through my various businesses. The facts are the facts, they sold me a trailer that was not as described correctly, lied about its condition, lied about the lug nuts and tires that were supposed to be new, correct for the year and axle type and that they were professionally installed to the trailer. This was found to be complete fodder, he in fact hired a farm hand and it was done incorrectly, thus where the ultimate issue lies with this entire matter. We know this, law enforcement knows this and its been fully documented.

Lastly, both Jeff Tellefson and Jenny Tellefson were ultimately paid for the trailer, never were they scammed or ripped off as they have claimed here on this website and on other websites. Mr. Tellefson and Mrs. Tellefson are the true scam artists here; using ebay as a protective shield against a buyer that had been deceived and lied to. This allegation of theft has been proven to be false (this is public information) and the issue has been settled with the help of law enforcement.


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  • Mar 8, 2016

100% false allegations

Seller Jeff Tellefsen and his wife lies and continuous to slander me and my company on websites. Seller was paid in full once they were held into account for what they did. Lied, falsely advertised the condition of the trailer. The trailer could have killed the person towing it or others on the road. Beware of this couple, they continue to sell trailers in poor condition to people like myself who believes people are honest. Shame on you Jeff!

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