Azana Bengals

Country United States
State Afghanistan

Azana Bengals Reviews

  • May 6, 2014

Sheila Love of Azana Bengals sold me a cat as a proven breeding cat. The cat had a questionable heart issue. I had a board certified cardiologist perform an echo cardiogram on the cat. The diagnosis was the cat had a grade 3 heart murmur and a tricuspid valve regurgitation and should not be used for breeding. I returned the cat but was refused a cash refund or a replacement cat. I was told I would get one or the other, so that was a lie. Sheila Love is an unethical Bengal cat breeder. She will be super sweet and charming, but once she has your money she doesn't care. She knew the family health history of the cat but never disclosed that to me. If I had known I would not have bought the cat. The cat's sire is Gogees Spotlights On Me nickname Fame. This cat has lots of offspring all over that Sheila has sold to other breeders. If you are going to buy a Bengal from any breeder ask to see the cat's pedigree before you commit to a purchase. If Gogees Spotlights On Me or Azana Melt My Heart is in the pedigree I would stay away. HCM is a concern in Bengals and no breeder should knowingly use a cat as a breeder when the cat has a heart murmur and tricuspid valve regurgitation. Don't trust Azana Bengals/Sheila Love or her breeder friend Sherlean Hunter of Hunters Ridge Bengals. They share cats and neither one can be trusted. Buyer Beware!!!!!

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