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State Utah
City Salt Lake
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Aztec Financial, LLC Reviews

  • Jun 17, 2015

I've had a family emergency that requires me to move from my town of 250,000 to less than 1000. I called to get a pay off amount and it was sent to me in an email. I explained that I intend to sell my business, but will continue to make the payments until sold. This morning I received an email basically calling me a deadbeat and the threat of putting liens and garnishments against my wife and I. The amount stated in the letter is over $7000 more than the quote I received last week. Here is their letter from this morning:

This letter is to follow up your email regarding the potential default of your contract with Aztec Financial. Please keep this letter for your records. Your agreement is non-cancellable. This means that you cannot decide to stop making payments and/or return the financed equipment without consequences. We want you to be fully aware of these consequences that will come from defaulting on this contract. You signed on behalf of your company an agreement with us to make 59 payments at $738.00 each. Your balance as of today is $35,978.58. This balance represents your total obligation to us. You also agreed to sign as a personal guaranty, meaning that you will make the payments personally should the business fail to do so. As outlined by your Contract, in the event of Default the following remedies and others as outlined in your contract could be taken by us to ensure that your obligation to us is met:

1. We will report the account to your personal credit. This will affect your borrowing power and the rates at which future lenders will lend to you. This account will show that you do not take your obligations seriously and you are a high lending risk. A derogatory account on your credit could also affect the rates of your current credit cards, insurance premiums, and other accounts you currently have.

2. We can place liens on your current assets and garnish your wages. For example, if you have a mortgage we can lien your home. This means that in order to sell your house you will have to pay off your obligation to us in full. If your business has assets or receivables we can place liens and garnish those as well.

3. Should you decide to return the equipment we will resell it on the open market. We will apply the sale proceeds less our expenses to the remaining balance on your account. If there is a remaining balance, you will still be responsible to pay this amount to us. It is important to remember that the agreement you signed cannot be broken. Commitments such as these do not disappear simply because you feel you can’t make the payments. We suggest you really look at your situation and determine if defaulting on your contract is in your best interest. We understand that you are in a tough spot. You want to do the right thing and want to do right by your family. We are willing to help you through this. Please contact us to make an arrangement so you can avoid the consequences of defaulting on your agreement. My initial letter prior to this one was asking them for help. This is how they treat their customers!

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