Bah Express Inc

Country United States
State Barbados
City Conley
Address 4424 Thurman Road
Phone 404-608-1300

Bah Express Inc Reviews

  • Jan 2, 2015

I drove for this company last year. First of all they do not pay orientation.Second of all you are put up in a old days in motel. Then you complete orientation and then are assinged a dirty truck with a millon miles on it. Then you have jim telling drivers this is good company, that is BS. BS don't stand for blue shoes. Then you have lazy dispatchers who sit on their ass who don't do anything. If you call and need something you don't know who the dispatcher will be. Phillip a dispatcher with that stupid look on his face and the other one kathy who is lazy as hell. phillip want to be called wilson.I call you phillip that is your name that;s what you will be called. When you take a day off they will call you and email you,they act like drivers don't have a life. It's too much to write about. This is a soory ass trucking company.A lazy terminal manager,lazy dispatchers, jim the so called driver retention,lazy person named rhonda.I said lazy I meant sorry people. On top of this they hold 2 weeks pay,this is so they can cheat people out of their money. A driver will never make real money working here. Some drivers will apply here anyway,you will see.

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