Balfour Beatty Communities

Country United States
State Costa Rica
City Newtown Square
Address 10 Campus Boulevard
Phone 610.355.8100

Balfour Beatty Communities Reviews

  • Jul 31, 2014

We as a military family were PCSing from Europe to California and decided to live on base till we learned of our new area. We went to Belfour Beatty and they told us they had a house we could move into in two weeks but we were not allowed to see it till we moved in. IF we did not take this house we had to wait an undetermined amount of time for another home and no gauntee we could see that one before hand either. So we wanting to get out of a hotel decided to take the house site unseen. The next day we met them at the house to get the keys before our household stuff arrived later that morning. We went in and were amazed to find a house in such horrible condition. It had not indication of being cleaned, there were stains on the floors and counters the cabinets were dirty with staind and leftover food and things in them. the entire house looked like this. But with our stuff arriving we didn't have much choice we took pictures of everything we found and started cleaning it. Then we went into the downstairs bathroom it had a smell that was the worst smell I have ever have to endure! It smelled like old urine!! You could not spend any time in that room at all it was that atrong of a smell. I figured that it was like the rest of the house and it just needed to be cleaned. So I cleaned and cleaned that room and still no help from the smell. we then contacted Belfour Beatty many many time about it and no help. Finally one day while in the self help building one of the managers overheard us complaining about the smell and said he was so sorry for the way our house looked when we moved in and sent someone over to look at the bathroom. They determined that the walls and well everything in the bathroom was saturated in urine! So they replaced part of the drywall in the bathroom and said it was all fixed.

well It wasn't we continued to have a terrible smell coming from that bathroom. The did nothing else to help us according to them they fixed it. The manager also said we would be compensated for all the mess that had occured. well nothing ever happened at all!! So we deicded to move off base at this point. we waited for our lease to be up and put in our notice to move. The person that was supposed to come for our pre inspection didn't show up when we called she said oh I am busy we can reschedule if you want. We said no we had an appointment so about 30 minutes later she finally made it for our inspection a total of an hour late! She tried to charge us for all the things that were already wrong in the house when we moved in. After many years in the military we knew to write everything down and to take pics. So she left not being able to charge us for anything.

The day of our final inspection she arrived and we had the house in way better condition that we had received it. She complimented us over and over about how great the house looked. She cleared us and told us we would receive the remainder of our BAH for that month in a few days. Over a week later we went into the office to find out where our money was as it was almost 700 dollars. They said of yes we want to talk to you. So they proceeded to give us a bill for over 2,000 dollars to replace carpet and floor boards. The told us we had ruined the carpet and had to pay to replace it. The said it was so bad that they has already removed it from the house when I told them to prove it to me. They said it was from pets we don't have any!! they said well thats what you say but the carpet was ruined. They told us we had 30 days to pay them or it would be sent to collections.

In seventeen years of renting proptery I have never had to pay a dime when leaving I regularly cleaned the carpets while living there. the carpet they supposedly took from my home was stained and gross. How over a week before were we were complimented on how great it looked and now it was like this. We had already been cleared of housing and not even had access to that house in the time. I want everyone to beware when you rent from them!

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