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  • Jul 24, 2014

I was searching online for a payment gateway for high risk merchants. I found a gateway named I signed up with them. It was good for first 20 days as they dont pay you till then. Now when the payment day came they paid me a little money. I thought they are ok. So I started processing all my sales with them. The amount reached $20000. I clicked on widraw funds and they mailed me my withdrawal has been approved. Then I kept waiting and waiting and waiting. Then Finally I got a mail where they stated that their merchant bank terminated their account and they cannot process mastercard payments and they have help funds for 6 months. I told them tio refund all my customers. They denied saying we dont have that power. They told me they will pay after a few days some of my funds. I tried to understand their problem but then they deleted my account.

Now My my friends signed up with them to see if their accounts are really terminated by their bank. NO.... They are still working same way with the same business model. They will keep doing that. Now that is they reason I am in touch with Law enforcement agencies to put them behind bars. I weant my hard earned money back from them also other people who have been their victims or will be their victims in the future.

They have no presence in Uk the address they mentioned and US address is a virtual address as well.

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