BEE Vending

Country United States
State Denmark
City San Marcos
Address 1141 Lago Vista
Phone (512) 298-1707
Website www.beevending

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  • Oct 28, 2014


Contact me at [email protected]. I'm in same boat

  • Oct 20, 2014

Bee Vending advertises to help people start a new vending machine business. They promise to help file all your paperwork for the business start up, get you set up with a website and business cards, and find good locations for your machines. They tell you this will take approximately 2 months to get you up and running with a successful business.

We met with the owner, Tovi Polk, and gave him our payment of 50% of the money in order to get started. In the first couple of weeks, things seemed to be going OK as the paperwork was getting filed and the simple website was getting set up.

But just over a month into it, things began to fall apart. Tovi was not responding to calls or emails. After several weeks of trying to contact him, we heard from him that he had some family issues that he had to attend to that took priority. Apparently nobody else could do anything at the company. This same thing happened again a couple of weeks later.

Now we were a few months into the process and starting to get a little impatient, but they promised to get things going now. The "locating" process was next as they needed to find locations for our machines. They offered to give us some "free" locations because the whole process was taking so long. This would have been great if they could actually find good locations for machines - which they could not do.

About 5 months in to the process, we were informed that Arlena Foor would be our new account manager. We later came to find out that this was Tovi's wife (which they never disclosed). I don't know that anyone else actually works for the company. Arlena promised to fix everything and get us going. It took a while, but eventually we had 3 locations, and then a while later we had 2 more. We were skeptical that these were actually "good" locations because most of them were very low traffic areas. But what other options did we have? So we tried them because Bee Vending promised to provide new locations if these ones were not good. Only 1 of the 5 turned out to be any good at all.

Bee Vending continued to tell us they were trying to find new locations - but I doubt there was really much activity taking place. By about the 8 month mark, their communication fell off the table. It would take me several weeks to get a return phone call or email from Arlena. There was always some excuse - but who cares??!! If they are a legitimate business they should answer their phones and reply to emails in a timely manner. They don't care about their customers!

Finally, we told Bee Vending we wanted a refund of our money because they had not fulfilled their promise to provide the locations for the machines. The contract we signed with them stated that they would give a 100% refund if they could not provide the locations. I had to point this out to them before they would agree to do a full refund. Then they told me it would take up to 45 days to process a refund?? Why?? I don't know - but I suspect because they didn't have the money. About 55 days into waiting for the refund, Arlena told me she had the refund and wanted to meet to give it to me. We emailed a couple of times about when and where to meet - and then the day before the meeting she disappeared. She would not answer the phone or replay to emails. This has been a few weeks since this happened.

I am deciding whether or not to sue the company. I have no doubt I will win as we have a signed contract that they did not fulfill. The owner, Tovi Polk and his wife, Arlena Foor have to be the worst business people I can imagine! They totally dropped the ball and then refuse to communicate.

If you are at all thinking of starting a vending machine company in Texas... DO NOT USE BEE VENDING !!!

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