Bernadine Barajas

Country United States
State Indiana
City Indianapolis

Bernadine Barajas Reviews

  • May 29, 2015

I was hired in March by Tallgrass Talent as a food handler/product demonstrator... When I filled out the application the question was asked "What days will you be available to work?" I specifically stated I would be available on Friday, some Saturdays and Mondays.. Ms. Barajas immediately began harassing me by text and email to please, please, please work on Sunday...Every Sunday. I finally agreed to work an event on Saturday after she had bugged me continuously to do an assignment on Friday without any inatructions, supplies or equipment needed to complete the event. I declined after hours of haggling with her, stating I could perform the assignment the next say which was a Saturday. I had no supplies, no event identification....nothing in preparation for the assignmenr. Ms Barajas assured me everything would be "fine" and told me to show up on that day and also the next day, a Sunday to perform the same event a second time... I performed the two day assignment as instructed by Ms Barajas, sent in all paperwork and receipts pertaining to the job performed and expected to be paid in the near future for the week-ends work performed for Ms Barajas and Tallgrass Agency. Days passed. Finally. after two or three weeks only one days pay was deposited into my personal account. After contacting Tallgrass payroll I am informed this specific event was only to be a one day event and unless I can get some clarification from Ma Barajas as to "why" she instructed me to perform the assignment "two" days I will not be reimbursed for the second day..... Unless I can produce email from Ms Barajas instructing me to perform the event "two" days in a row I will "not" be paid for the second day....even though I sent all tbe necessary paperwork and reciepts to show i in fact "did" work the two day assignment. Ms Barajas' correspondence to me was all done by texting including the text begging me to perform the second Sunday event. I now suspect she was covering her tracks thinking she would not be found out.... I have tried contacting Ms Barajas by phone and email to ask her to vouch that I worked two days and was paid only for one day. Ms Barajas will not return my calls or email and has sent me only one email instructing me to take the matter up with payroll. In turn payroll is tossing it back and I am being knocked back and forth by both parties while Ms Barajas is hoping the matter "and" myself will just go away. Ms Barajas has mislead and misguided me from day one. This is unethical, dishonest, and downright bad business..... I demand to be paid!

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