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State Afghanistan
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  • Apr 25, 2014

Placed an order on and on December 12, 2013 they said they've shipped the item (a t-shirt, $19...). After 2 months I've contacted them asking if it was normal I didn't received anything to that day.

They told me the package was shipped and showed me the route with the tracking number. The Item was supposed to be sent to Italy. Last location was Los Angeles, CA, on December 16. Then the package supposedly left the US for Europe but never made it...

I wrote again asking what could I do about it, and on February 20th THEY told me ""lets try and get you a new package out, but as you can see we did ship a long time ago!"". English is not my native language but I thought ""let's try and get a new package out"" meant ""we will re-send your item"". Apparently I was wrong.

On March, 31st I asked if they did re-send the package. No answer. On April, 7th I wrote to them ""Hello, did you get my last email?"", the answer was ""Yeah we got it"". In that moment I realized I would not have my t-shirt, nor my money back.

After some other emails I sent they replied only ""when we send off your package is beyond us...your customs, ours can do what they want"". I told them this thing happened to me in the past with for example and they did re-send.

Long story short, I lost my money, didn't get my t-shirt. If they don't resend packages that get lost and do not offer a shipping insurance they should write it clearly. Something like ""ORDER AT YOUR OWN RISK"" would do.

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