Best Learning aka Beile Training Center

Country China
City Beijing
Address 8 locations

Best Learning aka Beile Training Center Reviews

  • Dec 28, 2017

Until recently, i worked at this school chain. My conscience made me quit after i learned that almost 75% of our foreign teaching staff were make-believe pretend teachers, and the management knew it when they hired them! they even arranged for the fake teachers to buy fake university diplomas and tefl certificates!

The chinese mothers who bring their kids to best learning are told all the teachers are from america, canada, or the u.K., in reality, they are from poland, ukraine, russia, netherlands, romania, spain, etc. But they are all told to lie and say they are native english speakers from north america or england.

I also resigned because the contract they make us sign is really illegal and forces all their foreign teachers to give up their employee rights and work split shifts, multiple branch locations, and unpaid overtime. I found a lot of people complain about them at

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