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  • Aug 7, 2014

In the early part of July, 2014 Big Red KIA had a radio ad that aired on several diffent stations that stated "when you BUY 2 KIA Souls you will get a 70" Television" The rest of the ad was about incentives and deals for LEASED vehicles. On July 9th we BOUGHT two KIA Souls. We brought the TV to their attention the night of the purchase and they said, no that was for a lease - not purchase. I kept saying that the ad said specifically the word BUY. Several "managers" said no, it was LEASE. We left the dealership after a grueling purchase process and on the way home we both heard the ad again and listened very closely. I called the dealership on July 10th and talked to the salesman, and insisted it was not about a lease and he said he would see what he could find out and would call me back. I did not hear back from him.

On July 12th we stopped into the the dealership while we were down that way and I was directed to yet another manager who said the same thing, that the deal was for leases, not purchases. Chad Griffith, some other kind of manager was there-he had been in on the purchase and I stopped him to talk about it. The dealership was very very crowded. He stuck with the same story and when I asked him if the words LEASE and BUY were interchangeable, he said no. I then insisted again that the sentence about the TV said BUY, not lease. He said he would go to a higher manager and let me know. I went outside and was inthe car explaing the transactrion to my husband when Chad Griffith came up to he car to say, OK, if I have to buy the TV myuself, I'll get you one when I have the chance to go to Sam's Club. I said thank you and we left, saying we would be in touch on a less busy day when he had the chance to purchase it.

Monday of the next week I called to find out when we could stop to pick it up and was told Chad was not there. Another manager, I think his name was Steve Griffith, asked what the call was about and I told him the deal and wanted to know what day that week-Wed or Thursday would be best to pick it up. He said you will not be getting a TV at all, not Wednesday or Thursday, or ever. His tone and direct manner indicated that he outranked Chad Griffith and as such was the final word.

In the next few days, the TV portion of the ad was dropped. The original deal was good until July 31st.

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