Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 132 West 31 Street
Phone 646-543-2441
Website Reviews

  • Feb 3, 2016, a/k/a, a/k/a nyc private bedrooms, 132 west 31st street, 15th floor, suite 1516, new york, ny 10001, telephone number: 646-543-2441. They constantly change their business and website names to avoid detection on the internet.

Warning notice for would be room seekers going to nyc private rooms

The warning message is about an agency called nyc private bedrooms, located at 132 west 31st street, suite 1516, between 6th & 7th avenues, in midtown. Nyc private bedrooms is operated by modesto esterlin martinez, a dominican male Google his name).

Nyc private bedrooms advertisements have been removed from these newspapers because of fraud: daily news; new york post. A scam agency that specializes in only one thing: ripping off desperate people. Modesto esterlin martinez is a predator that targets blacks and latinos.

If you were scammed by this con artist, do this: go back to 132 west 31st street, 15th floor, stay in the hallway by elevator, call 911, tell operator you want cops at that location so you can file a scheme to defraud report. While cops are there, they will get you your money back.

If you’re looking in manhattan: nyc private bedrooms has no rooms for rent. Nyc private bedrooms collects an advance fee of $150.00 at their 132 west 31st street office, then they send you to another uptown manhattan office American plaza) where you think you’ll see some rooms. When arriving at american plaza, you’ll find out american plaza is another scam room agency that has nothing to do with nyc private bedrooms. So you’ll be required to pay another advance fee of $150.00, and if you’re black they will not send you to any rooms! nyc private bedrooms doesn’t tell you that another $150.00 advance fee is payable when they send you to american plaza because you’ll know, there and then, that they’re ripping you off for their advance fee.

If you’re looking in brooklyn or queens: nyc private bedrooms has no rooms for rent. In their most recent scam, nyc private bedrooms collects an advance fee of $150.00 at their 132 west 31st street office, then the victim is given a website address in order to get the list of rooms. Thereafter, when the victim logs in to the website, receives the list of rooms and contacts the owners, they find out that the list of rooms were simply taken off the internet without the owner’s permission, and that the rooms were rented, weeks ago.

Nyc private bedrooms employ a variety of scams to rip off the public: schemes where they use phony business and website names in order to avoid having to answer the many consumer complaints involving fraudulent business activities; schemes where bogus images of beautiful rooms are copied from the internet and used by these phony businesses in order to ensnare desperate room seekers; and schemes to collect an advance fee at their office, then martinez simply refers the room seeker to another office where another advance fee is collected!

American plaza reviews: google these keywords: american plaza, 3834 broadway

Better business bureau: http://www.Bbb.Org/new-york-city/business-reviews/apartment-finding-and-rental-service/nyc-private-rooms-incorporated-in-new-york-ny-144722/ reviews: google these keywords:, 421 seventh avenue

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