Bimbo Bakeries USA

Country United States
State Costa Rica
City Horsham
Address P. O. Box 976
Phone 1-800-984-0989

Bimbo Bakeries USA Reviews

  • Dec 17, 2014

I purchased an independent bread route from Bimbo Bakery with a down payment. I signed a contract and owned a designated area. I had one major large chain grocery store on my route with several other small grocery stores. Each week after your sales the Bimbo corporation will send you a settlement check from the bread sold.My first week I received a check, after that nothing. The Settlement department would never answer the phone and no one would call me back about why I didn't receive a check.

Each warehouse has a manager, his role us make sure the independent owners receive the product that they ordered. I noticed I was receiving way too much product that I did not order.I was picking up way to much product out of date which cost me.I was told by the warehouse manager not to call the settlement department. Several weeks when by and I didnt even have money to put gas in my bread truck. I found out the warehouse manager was getting into my order, ordering product on my route without my consent. Over a period of 3 months I did not get a check due to the manager fraudulent behavior. I gathered proof of all that he done and proved his stealing. I did receive my deposit back but lost so much more by not getting paid for 3 months. I never received a call back or no support from the bimbo bakery corporation until i sent them my evidence on the manager.

Anyone even thinking about purchasing a Bimbo Bakery route,do not! It was the worse experience I have ever went through. Since my experience There have been several owners forced to abandon thier route due to management adding product, causing them to shut down.

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