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Blue Wave Trading Reviews

  • May 15, 2015

Do not believe his videos on they are cherry picked on 1 day out of 30. There is a reason Randy Sarrow does not lease his software by the month, he knows once you try it you will not want it. He says,"the sofware works right out of the box" Well it only works to drain your account. His videos show so much profit but when I owned it I only showed loss and lot's of it. He claims that I didn't have the right settings which there are so many. The truth it does not matter how you set it. It is nothing more then a moving average software,it will work like this at best yes it only gets worse trust me. He charges $4,000 and will not give you a refund even if you have had it only a week. In the attached video,the red and green charts are a free moving average software from Ninja Trader, the buy and sells are nearly exactly the same from Randy's junk software. His auto trader will not let you take yourself out of a trade once it is has initiated a trade. Also, if you lool closely on the chart on the right you will see the times and prces are not the same. The chart was the same type and timeframe,just differernt software.

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