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  • Oct 19, 2014

James Knight scam artist

I can confirm James Knight is a scam artist, as I worked with him at Giant Studios on Avatar. He claims he was the project manager on Avatar, when in reality he was a runner.

Project managing on a film that big involves much more than just getting people coffee, following up on emails, being a liaison between 2 department, and telling people you're "above the line".

Project managing a film includes shoot planning, sequence planning, spreadsheets, coordination, assignments, constant dialogue with production, producers and the director. James Knight did NON of this.

He's using his credit on the film to get possible investors excited to throw money in his direction. He owes tens of thousands of dollars to people - including his family members.

He hired a lot of his "friends" from Giant to work for him under Knight Vision, where he eventually drove that into the ground by making promises he couldn't not keep. He ended up owing all his employees thousands, and decided to bankrupt the business instead of paying his friends. He's convinced Universal Studios that he is legit and is still doing "business" there. He takes advantage of weak people giving them false hope and sense of security, while dangling carrots of fortune in front of them.

The little work that HAS come through his studio is mediocre at best - nothing close to Avatar, Giant Studios, Weta Digital quality. There is NOTHING remotely special about his Phase Space system - which he swindled into possession. Oh and he doesn't own the licenses either - he still has to pay someone to use this system he claims to have ownership over.

My advice: RUN - don't walk.

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  • Aug 22, 2014

James Knight is infact back in business under a new company name BLUSTREAK MEDIA. His previous company was Knight Vision Motion Capture Studios.

Blustreak Media fradulently claims they did the motion capture on AVATAR, KING KONG, REAL STEEL, SPIDERMAN, TIN TIN as well as numerous video games and commercials. This is NOT TRUE. All of the work they they show in their Demo Reel is the work of Giant Studios. Just because James was an employee of Giant Studios at the time when Giant Studios did this work, James cannto claim it as his own nor Blustreak's. They have stolen footage from Giant Studios. Giant Studios is not their partner, and they do not have anything to do with Blusteak Media. They are just EX-Employees!!

Can you imgaine what would happen if every "Ex-Employee" from WETA, ILM, DISNEY, PIXAR, SONY, WARNER BROS. UNIVERSAL decided to steal footage and start up their own companies claiming the work is theirs... just because they were once employed by these companies and worked in some capacity on films their employers were contracted to work on.

They are scammers! Call them out on their Scam. Ask Mr. Knight why he and his company Knight Vision Motion Capture Studios were run out of business. Go Daddy is not selling their Domain Name.

Mr. Knight and his new partner's may have changed their spots... but at the end of the day.. they are the same ole SCAMMERS!

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