Brainfuse Inc

Country United States
State Chile
City New York
Address 271 Madison Ave Suite 407
Phone 1.212.683.5212

Brainfuse Inc Reviews

  • Jan 28, 2015

If you are highly-educated and extremely qualified in the subject you wish to tutor, think twice before applying with these shysters. I am a summa cum laude college graduate with a plethora of academic honors and much tutoring experience, and I contacted Brainfuse thinking a work-at-home gig would mold perfectly to my schedule, as I'm returning to school. Right away, Brainfuse sent me and application and asked me to return it, along with my resume and college transcripts. I quickly sent these documents and then heard nothing, not even a "Thank you for your time, but...."

Obviously, they had passed on me, but I refused to let them off easily, so I contacted them and politely asked for the status of my application. As expected, they told me they weren't interested and declined to consider me further.

Um...okay, but Brainfuse, wouldn't you want an honors college graduate with a lot of tutoring experience? Why would you not want to give your clients the best help you can? Put yourself in the place of a student who's facing the prospect of summer school or repeating a class. Doesn't s/he deserve the best help available? So why not hire an emimently-qualified person such as me?

It's obvious that Brainfuse seeks out lesser-qualified college graduates that will be a cheaper and probably more malleable workforce. What a crock. Don't waste your time with these shysters; move on and find a *real* online tutoring company on which to expend you talents.

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