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  • Oct 8, 2014

Anan Johnson

Absolute scam. They are falsely advertising relationships with other companies such as forbes and huffpost but the only have blog aggregating companies that any person can publish an article to.

Anan Johnson and Adam Felch were the people that told us we could pick from Forbes, Huffpost, NY Times to have our article published. They made up excuses for months and instead kept suggesting Technorati, Examiner and other blog type sites.

Theyre absolutely full of shit and they know they are scamming people.

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  • Nov 15, 2014

Worst company I have ever dealt with reputation

Unethical company with a direction to confuse and scam their customers. Obviously they have an unethical lawyer behind them. My story should be simple:

I paid them $2,600 for an article and distribution. The results were comical I basically wrote the article after having my own sep team review it. Basically they copied two other article then took words directly from my website and over the phone. I was more interested in their distribution to Tier 2 articles. I was very specific when I said I would sign up to their monthly package after seeing IF the first article worked out for my company.

I spoke with Ian Sharkey and Nancy Leo at the time, the two left the company during the process of my account. I had multiple e-mails back and forth with their team requesting a link to my website and mobile app. They kept telling me it was against the google seo ranking and inquisitor would not do it. This is an absolute farce as I have read many article with links on Inquisitr. All i wanted was a link they refused to do that...Why would I want a link? HMMM lets see so I can track the effectiveness of the article they guaranteed me 25,000 views. I can "guarantee" my customers that as well and just send them an email report with a number. With a link I can see that maybe 1,000 viewers came to the site. But of course they would not oblige because they cannot get those viewers.

I have tried to contact the Company and I spoke with ANAN Johnson as well as mentioned previously in this thread. He would not allow me to speak with anyone else and guess what My CC get charged for $500. I am still fighting these charges today Do not ever use this company this is a scam. They keep sending AMEX the same articles and user agreements over and over I keep sending it in to review.

It is simple THEY DID NOT put a link on the article and never sent it out to the Guaranteed DISTRIBUTION! Yet I still have to pay them for no ROI.


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  • Sep 4, 2014

Terrible Experience, deceptive promise.... stay away.

I recently tried offer and paid 2250 USD for my Blog about Watches Their team on the phone seems very professional and I quickly signed for :

- $2,000 USD for Tier 3 Article

- $250 USD for Sponsor this post

The result was this article posted on

Examiner is a Platform (Content Farm) with more than thousand of contributors, and it's easy to apply to push any Press Release in a matter of day : In the end your article is lost as one of the 3,000 article published every day by this website. The result is just terrible: after 2 weeks Google Analytics is reporting 2 clicks from the article (one is me, the second is probably team) and I paid $2250 for that...

Obviously I can't complaint or claim for a refund as I somehow get what I paid for (terms & condition) but it's clearly in my opinion not worth more than the article they wrote (less than $300) + the time to apply to examiner (let's say $100).... I feel it's a total rip off and won't recommend this company to anybody.

We tried many other PR Company and get much better result for 1/3 of the price of

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  • Oct 31, 2014

I paid $12,500 for their deindexing services. This is a service that guarantees to remove false information about a person from Google. They told me the process would take about 6 months. Well, here we are in month 10 and I am still waiting for results.

I have asked for a refund only to have Dan Stagliano let me know that they do not give refunds. It seems to me that if you pay for a servvice, but the service is not provided, you should be entitled to a refund. If not, isn't that considered theft?

Preparing to dispute this charge with my credit card company, I recieved a message that the law firm hired by told me that Google has slowed down their deindexing process. Dan Stagliano also got his president, Mike Zammuto involved. At first, Mike assured me that would keep working on my behalf and that a way to make this process move quicker was for me to resubmit my deindexing request to Google. Not happy about having to now do the work I paid to do, I followed the instructions provided to me. I never received any response and my information has not been deindexed from Google and beleive this company is a complete scam.

I searched the internet about and read on their Wikipedia page that they received a penalty from Google for potentially trying to game the system. I also find it very peculiar that Dan Stagliano does not list as his employer on his online profile. I wonder if they hired someone and named him Dan. Based on the lies that have been fed to me, that probably makes sense. Any trust I had in this comapny is completely lost.

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  • Aug 23, 2014

Stop gettings scammed

stop getting scammed by these so called reputation management companies that charge you before work is done.

give me a shout at: [email protected] and ill take care of your online reputation at no charge Until the entire situation is fixed! thats right, ZERO RISK, if im unable to perform, you dont pay me a single penny (95% success rate.) theres no point risking thousands and not getting anything for it!!

I am purely result driven, this means you don't risk anything because if I'm unable to provide you the results, you dont pay anything! no catch, no risk, no setup fee, no deposit.

Read more:

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  • Jul 21, 2014 , could be called “” or “” or pick any title that describes their deceptive business model. Censoring undesirable reviews by flooding the internet comment sites with false positive reviews designed to dilute the truthful negative ones. This intentional censorship and manipulation of internet search results. Mike Zammuto, Zac Johnson and Dean Cannon should be held accountable for my doing business with a criminal. It could have been worse, what is I selected a bad physician that mutilated or killed me or a loved based on their fake reviews?!

Read all the complaints and Ripped off people from ReputationChanger both on this site.

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  • Jul 3, 2014

I wish I had read the numerous outrageous complaints of these criminals and so called reputation management company before I lost $5,000 to them for services that never helped me at all. In my case I had a disputed felony conviction from a state seceurities agency. I had negative results that appeared when my name was googled. Cliff Stein promised to have these removed but first I had to pay an exhorbatant fee in the amount of $5,000. The company supposedly wrote a few positive articles that were supposed to bury/suppress the negative articles. Negative items never suppressed. After a couple of month's waiting for results, they tried to charge me another $5,000.


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  • Jan 24, 2015

I have contracted through for over a year. The company is now refusing to pay several months of invoices and the executive management (including Jonathan Cooper, Tim Ryder, Dave Armon, Myles Fuchs, and Michael Petrucci) will not acknowledge the problem or communicate the issue to managerial staff. I'm one of many contractors who was left in the dark suddenly and without warning about payment. My direct supervisors have no idea what was happening because this management team isn't willing to shed ANY light on the current situation with Things look pretty grim though.

The company appears to be crashing and burning. It appears the current and former management team led by Michael Zammuto and now Dave Armon have driven this company into the ground. I'm sure their executive paychecks were never affected. It's the people underneath like me, other contractors and even the operational employees who are getting completely screwed over for their hard work and service.

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  • Dec 4, 2014


Same issue. I originally signed up for a content campaign. I was also promised an article in Forbes (never). I was supposed to receive weekly content to post to create our online presence. I did work with them for 2 articles that were posted to somewhere I had never heard of then nothing. I paid for the initial month and they continued to charge me for 3 additional months. I never received weekly content and after failed attempts to resolve resorted to disputing with AMEX. They have sent responses to AMEX not addressing any of the issues I am disputing just keep trying to cover it up with words since they know that AMEX will only glance over the response and just confirm that the merchant actually responded. I am making one final attempt to dispute with AMEX then will go legal. REPLY if interested in joining. Maybe creating a class will get them to sit up and listen.

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  • Dec 4, 2014


Same issue I paid $4000.00 and agreed to pay $3000 per month until I had the results I wanted. I paid for "weekly content" however I received 2 articles at the beginning then nothing. After failed attempts at working it out I now have spent countless hours disputing with AMEX for not getting what I agreed to. They ignore the fact that they did not give me anything beyond the initial articles and keep responding to AMEX the same thing over and over since they know that AMEX probably does not look as closely at each response just that the merchant in question responds. I am making one more attempt to resolve with AMEX then going legal. I will not be taken advantage of. Reply if anyone has the same thoughts maybe we can get enough to create a class and really make these guys think about scamming victims. REPLY if interested.

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  • Nov 23, 2014


  • Nov 6, 2014

I contacted Brian Newmark and he's simply just the sales person. Newmark has pages and articles about him online and supposedly has vast experience. After pitching me for months, watching all the commercials I finally decided to give them a try. I paid them $550 for 1 article. Once we got started he transferred me to Dillon Young, which is a complete liar. They started back peddling saying that google changed it's algorithym. I paid to be in one of the highest tiered website. My article appeared on a lower tiered website I've never heard of. This did not move anything off of the google search as it was intended to do. Since I didn't get the article on the site i wanted and no results. They don't know what they are doing and are liars. Stay away from

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