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BrandYourself Reviews

  • Aug 28, 2014 simply does not work for fixing and clearing these bad things on the internet. The concierge service seems cheap at around 300 dollars a month but after paying for it almost a year later there are no results and everything that is negative online is still there. Why in this instance was Patrick and the Brand Yourself team dishonest with me about what needed to be done to clean up these google search results. You call b******* on brand but the b******* needs to be called on you about your fake criminal background story.

If you want to waste money each and every month and then voice brandyourself complaints and call brand yourself a scam because you wasted your money then you would be advised to go and try their low priced and low results service.

Brand Yourself is known as a misleading company

  • Aug 23, 2014 boasts that it is a service far more refined and developed for helping manage your online reputation than other companies, but after paying for this service for almost a year I can tell you that it is a complete waste of money. That is unless you need someone to write generic 7th grade level blog posts to your facebook page on your behalf.

I signed on with BY because I believed the company legitimately provided a service worth the insane pricepoint that helped promote positive content while burying negative content in the process for a google search. Now, after the majority of my "campaign" is over, I can tell you for a fact that this is a LIE. BY has even less authority than you do when trying to get negative content removed from source websites. After Talking with a few other BY clients who expirienced the same thing I've come to the conclusion that they only inform you of this incompotence when your year-long campaign is over.

I also chatted with a BrandYourself employee who revealed to me that after being unable to push a negative search result down the line, she turned to "blackhat" SEO techniques, which caused the article to still come up in the results, but was not readable for a temporary amount of time. Obviously not very comforting when they are supposed to be experts. I also question the legality of it.

This company is literally trying to get away with charging you enough to buy a new BMW monthly, to go on the internet and like facebook posts on your behalf. DON'T waste your time and money because they will drain both from you like a needy child and provide about as much benefit. Using the tool they provide on their website is more than enough if you are truly inclined to using this service. I'm rather upset as you can imagine about having to have spent thousands for literally nothing in return, but I am glad to spread awareness and do away with evil companies who prey on the ignorant.

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