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Country United States
State Chile
City Ozone Park
Address 92-15 101 Avenue, 2R
Phone 646455

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  • Apr 22, 2014

Never in all my years in business have I met such thieves!!!!

Eduardo Gabriel Cerchiara (salesman) and his web designer Augusto!

We originally signed up to create a Spanish website that we paid $1600 for. That was created. All good.

On 7/25/13

We decided to create a second website at the cost of $6000.00 (their so called Diamond package)

This includes Videos,Coupons,Flyers. (Coupons and flyers were never received)

5 email accounts ( we only received 1)

1000 color business cards ( never received)

Comprehensive Video training ( never received)

Domain & Hosting ( what good is hosting when it is only in Augusto's (Web designer) name.

Up until now we paid $ 4,500 leaving $1,500 in reserve until the rest of the project is finished.

Augusto and Eduardo decided to put the website on MAINTENACE MODE and then suspend it.

After not getting any return phone calls we decided to pay a visit to the business address that we have on their invoice. Only to find out that it is a small apartment building which we didn't realize until we reached upstairs to the second floor.

The shop owner downstairs opened the main door for us and let us in.We knocked on door 2R and Mr. Augusto opened up in his pajamas. He invited us in but we refrained and stood in the hallway. We asked him to step out and talk to us.

Holding the invoices and agreements in our hand he told us that if we don't pay him the balance of $1,500 he will not give us the passwords to the wordpress website!! He then went on to supposedly call the police. We decided to leave and are pursuing with an attorney.

Please note this is Cyber week and we are live with promotions on Groupon, Amazon and Living Social.

(BTW) He did this the week prior for 2 days and then turned on our website.

The amount of money it has cost us in lost business and also the website price which our website took many weeks to complete because of his lack of knowledge in the type of company we are.

WHAT A SCAM AND UNETHICAL PAIR!!!!! Mr. Eduardo Gabriel Cerchiara is also employed by SCHNEPS COMMUNICATIONS (That own the El Correo and LIC magazines)!!!!!A WORD OF CAUTION FOR SURE!!!

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