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Bristol Bay Auto Insurnce Reviews

  • May 14, 2014

Appauled Connie Noyola Stole my money never provided the insurance i paid for. What's worse is she, being a ""Broker"", refused to assist me any further or provide a liscense number!!!

I had the misfortune of being reffered to Bristol Bay Auto Isurance by an auto insurance co. i wanted as an insurance provider. The scam artist seemed pleasenat and helpful enough initially. I explained my specific needs as looking for a policy which would provide coverage for the rental car i was driving until i got a new car and would change the policy to cover my new vehicle in about a month.

she set me up with a policy assuring me that my rental car would infact be insured under a non owners policy. the policy was only $17 a month i would find out later but she carged me nearly $150, which i paid. i asked if i could add another vehicle not registered to me when i changed the policy. She said that would be fine and took the vehicle and driver information.

the following day she called me stating that the policy i purchased would not insure the rental i was in and ofered to credit me towards a new policy for the alernate vehicle which was not registered to me. that seemed fair and i agreed.

I had to add insurance coverage through the rental car co which ended up costing me an additional $450 ( ive been enmployed for 7 months and had explained this to Connie as well) It was a huge expense for me.

She then call me and says she is not going to credit me and that i neededto pay an additional $120 to convert the policy to full coverage for the alternate vehicle. At that point she said the rental car would be covered. I asked to speak w a manager since she had been less than crediblle information.

i was told the manager was on vacation and to wait two day until he returned. I set up an appointment to come in i n2 day at 12noon to further discuss the mishandelling of affairs. she called me the following day stating that the manager put her in charge to handle the situation as he wouldnt have time to do so.

at this point i was upset she a rude lying theif! i refused to dicuss this matter with her any furhter until i meet with the business manager. she told me he would call me the following day, another lie. After i had not heard from anyone i called to speak with the manager.

Connie said he was very busy as he had been on vacation and just didnt have the time. i explained that i wanted my card to be credited back since i paid for a service that was never provided. She claimed that she wasnt able to do so and i would not be recieving any credit.

The following day i called to speak with the manager. Which she basically blew me off stating all they could do was switch the policy to full coverage for another vehicle. So I went down there to speak with this ghost manager in person, who of course was not present.

I told her i wanted my refund which i was supose to have recieved by now. she told me she was not going to speak or help me any further and to do what i have to do. i asked the other broker if she would please help me which she also refused. i then asked for broker liscence numbers and would be contacting the Ca isurance commissioner to notify them of this frudualent activities. she refused provide anything.

I then contacted the insurance commissioner who told me not only was fraud committted but that she can not insure a vehicle to me that i am not the registered owner of. I contacted the insurance co. wich i was supposed to be insured by to see if they could provide me a refund.

The insurance rep. said connie was well aware that my rental car would not be insured with a non owners policy. also that even had the alternate car be registered to me the rental stil would not be covered as they dont not provided rental coverage.

i explained how now she had already added the alternate vehicle without my approval and had refused to help me any further. this particular agency you have to go through bristol bay to make any payments or dicuss your policy. the insurance rep said "" what is she getting paid for if she going to help you?"" Good question. she apologized that she coudnt refund me.

As of not ive submitt the act of fruad w the Ca insurance commissioner and will be taking legal action. Connie was so full of her greedy money hoarding self. well you reap what you sow hun and its gonna cost ya. i was hoping she was just dumb and didnt know what she was doing. i see that was not the case too bad for her!

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