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  • May 15, 2014

I got screwed! I am a homeowner that was interested in what other home warranty companies were out there besides AHS. I came a cross a flyer for BFS and thought this looks like a deal. The premium and the service charge per call was cheaper than I had with AHS, so I signed up online. They took my funds no problem. So I actually had two home warranties in effect, AHS and BFS. I was planning on some overlapping coverage since it takes a few days to process a cancelation request with AHS, and I was set up with auto draft payments.

Anyway, about a 10 days after I signed up with BFS, my pool pump stopped working. Perfect timing, I get to try out BFS, so I called and requested service. They told me it would be $55, which was the service call amount on the ad, so I agreed. They came out, and told me my pump had burnt out. Lucky me, good thing I have a warranty. The tech cut some wires in my timer box and disconnected the pump. Off he went to the office. The next day, the BFS office called me to tell me the pump is not covered as it is in the 30 day waiting period. I said WTF? IF there was a waiting period, why didn't you tell me that when I placed the original service call? What were they going to warranty anyway? The office told me the 30 day waiting period was in my contract, which I had not received, nor was any mention of it on the website before or even after they took my $329. They should have told me 1) before they took my contract payment 2) when I placed the service call request 3) when the tech figured out the pump was bad BEFORE he disconnected it and cut wires.

Now this is the best part. BFS would like to sell me a new pump for $447.50, which they claim is 1/2 of the cost to have it installed. What nice guys, offering to split the bill with me to make me happy!! I immediately rejected this offer and requested BFS return the pump to the way it was before they scammed me out of the $55 service call. Well the tech brought the pump back and left it on my door step. No bother to even put it in the back yard by the pool, no hooking it back up, just a door step delivery. Now AHS will not warranty it because someone else cut wires on the pump.

So in summary I have two home warranties and no pool pump. Now beat that for a total screw job!!

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