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  • Jun 15, 2015

I am a 65 year ikd grandma that is disabled and have been for years.. I looked and looked online trying to find something after someone stole my medication's from my house they told me they were on the up and up ... but I should have known better actually they way they had me wire the money .. but thank god I did not spend that much with them .. I knew I was taking a chance but NO do not trust these people at all they will rip you off in a heart beat .. like they did me they will not even answer my emails anymore .. they used to ASAP but they will not respond even though they swear they will send your money back if you are not happy for any reason .. they will not answer me .. now I've been trying for days now .. Well do not trust this site do not send any money ... I did a Who is it on the site and it said it only opened in May Google gave it a clean bill of health .. but DO NO SEND MONEY IN ANY WAY to these people. ... you will get burned ..

  • Jun 13, 2015

I am a disabled vet looking for pain relalif. I was promised to fill my prescription and they never peformed.

They stole moy money. do not deal with these scum bags.

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