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  • Jan 30, 2015

I purchased a lemon vehicle last January 2014, Veronica Villegas-Thurston worked for a company called Bekelian Auto and tried selling me a Dodge Charger that was involved in several undisclosed accidents, when I tried returning the vehicle a week later she threatened me saying that she was accuse me of theft and would keep my deposit and my vehicle trade in because we did not finish any paperwork on it as I was originally allowed to test it out before making my decision. She left that company to start her own dealership during our transaction called BuyRight Auto, stole my business from Bekelian and had me lie to them saying I was just unsatisfied with the Dodge Charger and before she even had a license to sell in this state on her own with the new company she was starting, while she bullied me into purchasing a Mercedes Benz E320 with her threats, so I purchased the vehicle outright in cash from an accident settlement out of fear because I did not understand where this threat came from and nothing was documented on our previous arrangement.

I immediately tried returning the vehicle after finding so many defects, such as the engine and transmission motor mounts having major wear and tear, the rear passenger child lock was broken to where the door would not open from the inside, the windshield wiper motor or connection was broken on one side, the key faubs needed replacing and the fluids had not been serviced prior to the sale as well as brakes going bad. On top of that, Veronica withheld my title even though it was fully paid off, she did not give me my title or proof of warranty purchased until three full months later after purchase. During this time, I had practically begged her to repair the vehicle after being denied a refund but was also denied because theses conditions of the vehicle were considered wear and tear and mechanical, that the warranty she sold me and swore would help me did not cover these issues. I am still trying to resolve this issue a year later. I had recently gotten back in touch with her in November 2014 as I had plans in motion to move states for a job, she said she would assist me in getting me into another vehicle that did not have problems that I have listed above, for the past two months now she has been avoiding my calls and texts, she has had her employees hide her saying she was not in the office when I was across the street from her facility seeing her tell them she does not want to deal with me, slandering my name in the process. And now recently she has threatened me again, saying she will file harassment charges against me even though all I've done is respond to her promises that I even have a witness to verify the verbal agreement to make right the wrongs she has done to me. This is the worst example of how she operates her business and I'm certain I am not the first nor will be the last if she is allowed to continue to operate in this manner. I would have been happy to get repairs or moved into another vehicle but I recently found out from a colleague of hers that she purchases her vehicles from auctions and sells them without even looking under the hood to ensure her product for the price she is asking. My job consists of driving customers in my own vehicle and I have not been able to comfortably do that for months now that the mounts are close to expire, for my safety and that of my passengers. At this point, I want my money back so I can purchase my car through a reputable company, which is something I tried to do a year ago when I wanted to return the first vehicle she tried selling me before threatening me and bullying me into the vehicle I have now. I even tried to bring the vehicle to other dealerships for trade on something else so that I would not have to deal with her again, but the car I paid $11,000 for, after that worthless warranty she added, is being valued between $1400 and $6000, just a year later. So I am forced to go through this with her since that is too large of a loss to incur after only a year and putting far less than 10,000 miles on the vehicle.

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