Buy Right Auto Sales Inc

Country United States
State Indiana
City Fort Wayne
Address 2101 W Coliseum Blvd
Phone 260-44-72777

Buy Right Auto Sales Inc Reviews

  • Jun 2, 2015

I've been dealing with this company buy right auto sales since February of 2015. I am so disgusted with the scpams and dishonesty of the auto sales manager amel. He is a liar and a fast talker. I first put down $2000 for a 2004 BMW 745 which was a lemon and they never once called me to communicate anything the car stopped working after 3 days they said they were gonna fix it which supposedly happened but I got Told that the car was no good anymore. So after that I got into a 2010 ford fusion that now its may 2015 when this came about now today June 1 2015 I get told that I owe more on a down payment but oh yea my loan isn't approved yet. Ok also I got told by amel to come sign a contact thru a financial company when funny how the owner of the company TolD me I wasn't approved yet so how am I supposed to sign a contact when one does not exsist.

Also beware who ever bought the Cadillac CTS from them its a lemon amel was making jokes on how they just sold that piece of crap to make money and also the lady and her husband who bought the black Tahoe who you the lady brought back to th tem to fix the door when I was there beware he was talking mad stuff about your husband and making statements about your husbands size.. And veronica you should really tell your brother to conduct business correctly instead of talking all of your business to your customers. I want no dealing with this company and hope no one else deals with amel at this company. Veronica and Selena nothing bad to say about you ladies but great things but you should really get rid of the liar you have working for your company.

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