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  • Dec 23, 2014

This is my first report here to warn people who are looking to do business with They are offering passive income stream through money making micro niche websites.

On October 5 2014 I entered into a business transaction with bought a package called TORNADO - 10 Niche Sites with Delivery time: 25 business days($1250), which I paid via PayPal to [email protected].

I've received email from Jason asking me to email my contact details to [email protected].

I emailed all requested information on October 5 2014 to email, that was provided by Jason. Response came in 2 days later on October 7 2014 stating that keyword research is in progress and will be finished in 10 days.

According to they do Complete Keyword Research with high CPC(cost per click) and low competition, which turned out to be not the case. But at that time I was so excited "doing business with professional" and didn't check those keywords if they are low competition, which is very important. On October 15 2014 I have received email from Jason([email protected]) with "complete keyword research to target high CPC keywords with low - mid competition".

On website there is nothing about keywords with mid competition. To my surprise I've recieved only 5 keywords instead of ordered 10. But at that time I thought to myself - this is probably how they do it. On the same day I've registered 5 domains suggested by Jason, installed wordpress on my own hosting account and send admin login details to Jason.

On October 22 2014 I emailed Jason asking about remaining 5 websites, to which he replied within 3 hours sayind that he made a mistake!!!, and will fix it within a couple of days.

On October 26 2014 I have received email from Jason([email protected]) with "complete keyword research to target high CPC keywords with low - mid competition". I've registered 5 domains suggested by Jason, installed wordpress on my own hosting account and send admin login details to Jason on October 28 2014.

On October 30 2014 I've received email from Jason informing me that my 5 niche sites are ready to use and they are going to do off site SEO(search engine optimization), basically building backlinks to my sites. I suppose to reseive SEO report in 30 days via email.

On November 5 2014 I've received email from Jason informing me that all 10 sites are ready to use and they are doing SEO for those sites and I'll get email with SEo report in 30 days. According to the order process: they install all the Premium SEO Plugins and a high quality design for your website - this is false statement, all plugins installed are free and not Premium SEO Plugins, for high quality design they used free wordpress themes. They also suppose to complete Offsite SEO (Link Building) work for my sites and send me SEO Reports in 30 days after the sites arefinished.

I was checking my websites for Offsite SEO (Link Building) using service from Two weeks after sites were finished didn't show any backlinks, three weeks later - still nothing, 30 days later I suppose to reseive SEo report, but there were no backlinks on AlsoI didn't see visitors coming to my websites.

  • May 13, 2014

I have never filed a report here even when I have been ripped off in the past. However, I felt compelled to file this report so that this can serve as a warning to anyone looking to do business with It is also a matter of principle.

On January 20 I entered into a business transaction with (guy's name was Troi Webz). He was to deliver me a website with 10 articles, SEO optimization and an approved Google Ad Sense site. He said the site with content would be delivered within 10 business days and the Ad Sense account would take 2-3 weeks. This would cost me $100. I paid this via paypal. I believe paypal gives you 45 days to request a refund.

I started to follow up within that timeframe (2 weeks) to ensure the work was being done. Of course, Troi would assure me that it was and that the site would be up shortly. Shortly, went from 2 days to 1 week to 3 weeks.

He finally put up the site and I asked him to make some minor changes to it. He once again promised to make the changes but never did. He kept giving excuses such as they are having technical difficulties, the ftp login changed (never changed it on my end so it's possible he did to buy time), etc.

Then I asked him about the SEO report and the AD Sense account. He sent me a gmail account login for Ad Sense but when I tried to log in Google asked for verification since I was logging in from a different country. I emailed Troi to notify him several times and he basically ignored those emails. So at this point it's a site that's not even halfway done, No Ad Sense account and No SEO report.

He kept giving excuses to buy time because after the 45 days period (the 45 days Paypal gives you to cancel an order) he just stopped responding to my email. There is an international phone number on the site but I didn't call it to be honest because I was in contact with him via email and their so-called 24/7 live chat support. English is also not their first language.

Just last week I went on their site for the live chat support and was told that Troi no longer owns the company and it's some new guy that bought the company. I don't believe this as this person hasn't tried to help me out either. He also started giving excuses such as Troi had a family emergency and he is no longer the owner so he can't do anything about it but ask Troi if he can refund the money or finish the job. And i'm supposed to believe this...

I wonder how many people they do this to. I remember Troi was trying to get me to buy the $1000 package and I said no I want to see what he would do for $100 first before I pay that much money. Of course he was trying to get the big bucks before he disappears and claims to sell the company...and send me the link supposedly proving that there's a new if that can't be easily done. It's a website, not a house.

I am also working with Paypal and my credit card company to not only dispute the charge, but to also block any future charges from company wide so that they can't continue to lie and cheat people.

I hope this serves as a warning as many of these so called internet businesses are frauds and hide behind their computers while cheating and stealing from people.

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