Country United States
State Cayman Islands
City Merrimack
Address 32 Daniel Webster HWY Suite 25
Phone 1-800-882-0296
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  • Mar 13, 2015

Great experience with

I just experience one of the most helpful, informative and professional company support experiences I have had in many years. I called and the individual who assisted me was Jennifer Roush. Jennifer represents the treats a valuable associate should consist of and exhibit in a support position. During my experience with support Jennifer was professional and informative. She Answered my questions, provided additional information and reviewed my advertising media. Jennifer also provided additional information which updates and enhances my property advertisement making it attractive to potential buyers. I retired as a Senior Regional V.P for a international corporation and understand how critical good associates are. Criticism comes all to quickly and often, accolades are normally fair and few between, Jennifer deserves my accolades of the day.

  • Jul 26, 2014

I was one of the suckers that fell for the scam as soon as i paid the company my property was guaranteed sold!!! For 24,000 which was more than i paid!!! All i had to do was give them my credit care info for 2,500 to cover the closing costs on my property!! Four months later i still did not hear from this company and my property was still not sold...SCAMMED AGAIN!!! Luckily i was contacted by a company who got my money back for me, the difference with this company rather than others, they did not charge me an upfront fee, i paid was i got my money i was scammed but i was lucky enough to get my money back. Call this company if you have been defrauded. They will help! 407-268-6519...and let them know Tracy recommended you!!!

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