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  • Jul 23, 2014

I sent this letter to my credit card company about the bogus report I recieved from Buyer Services International LLC. At the time there was no good way to report fraudulent behavior by internet businesses. In summary my credit card company sided with Buyer Services International LLC. which prompted me to cancel my credit card after I painfully paid their crappy service. In the end, I bought the car which is completely original and worth every penny I paid for it. North Illinois Classic Car Brokers felt bad and paid for half of the shipping which pretty much paid for the bogus report. Please when buying an investment car such as a classic muscle car spend the extra money and see the car yourself or at least be there when the inspection is taking place. I 100% totally agree with the other complaints filed by other victims.

I did read and understand the warranty which stated the report may contain typos and inaccuracies.However, I felt my actions to stop payment were warranted and I should not have to pay for a "wrong" report, a "right" report that I corrected and still contains erroneous information, and an appraisal based on an inaccurate report, regardless of what the warranty says.

North Illinois Classic Car Brokers and I had come to agreements on the selling price of $25,000 for the car a week before I contacted LLC. My family and I were going to drive up that weekend to make sure the car was in the condition that the dealer claimed. However, my daughter became ill thereby canceling the trip. I search the internet for a company that could inspect and appraise the car before I signed the bill of sales. I found Buyers Services International, LLC ( on the internet which offered a blue report "created especially for Classic and Muscle Cars, this report covers any vehicle dating from 1946-1980. Enhanced attention paid to rust, bondo, accident damage, and chrome as well as issues that influence value on cars of this age like originality, completeness and of course matching numbers!" The LLC website "Guarantees, When coupled with competent pre- and post-inspection interviews of the seller, and a good value guide, we guarantee that with our full completed report in your hands, you will have more than enough information to easily be able to assess whether or not the car is worth what the seller is asking for it - or we'll refund your money!" As you read below you will see that I could not assess from either reports and from the one-on-one consultation with Mr. Shaw whether or not the car was worth what the seller was asking for the car. I had to make a decision to buy or not to buy the car based on additional pictures and information that I requested from the dealer not from the inaccurate LLC reports. A typo here and there or maybe even one inaccurate piece of information in one of the sections would have been acceptable but not two reports with errors in nearly every section.

I requested a blue report on Sunday, Sept 18. LLC accepted the request and contacted me via email to let me know that they would inspect the car on Tuesday, Sept 21. I received the report and pictures on Thursday, Sept 23 and immediately called LLC to confirm their findings. Their website said I was entitled to a free consultation. Mr. Shaw and I went through ever picture that dealt with the interior, exterior, and chassis and confirmed the reports findings. He said there was no way this car was an original. He stated based on the number of years in the business the pictures clearly indicated that the car had bondo in the lower quarter panels, had been repainted, the floor pans had been repaired, and the interior was not original. He told me that he supported his inspector’s findings. Because I had requested an appraisal with the report, I asked Mr. Shaw what he thought the car was worth. He said the car was not worth more than $20,000. Mr. Shaw even offered to put me in touch with a person he knew that could help negotiate a selling price with the dealer. I did not contact this person.

After speaking with Mr. Shaw, I immediately contacted the dealer and informed him that I would not be purchasing the car at least not at the current price, $25,000, because of the inspector's report and Mr. Shaw's comments. I did counter-offer a lower price, $15,000 for the car but the dealer politely refused the offer. Before hanging up, the dealer did comment about the inspector's lack of knowledge about that particular car. The car dealer said the inspector argued that the car should have vertical stripes, which a 1969 442 did not have vertical stripes. You can confirm this with dealer.

Friday, Sept 24, the dealer sent me additional photos (~30) and information and asked me to re-review the report. After reviewing the report and pictures from LLC and the additional pictures from the dealer in more detail on Sept 24 and 25, I concluded that the LLC product (report) and Mr. Shaw's opinion was flawed. I immediately contacted First Card on Saturday, Sept 25 to stop payment to LLC and briefly explained the reason. That afternoon, I sent LLC the email attached informing them that I had stop payment and the reasons why.

On Monday, Sept 27, (to my surprise because I had notified LLC via email that I was stopping payment for a bad report) LLC sent me an email with another attached report. After reading the report, I concluded the second report was nothing more than a corrected first report with my corrections. At this point, I felt LLC could not provide me with a report that accurately reflected the condition or the value of the car.

After requesting additional information and pictures from dealer, I decided on Wednesday, Sept 29 to go forward with the initial offer that I made on the car approximately a week before I contacted LLC to do the inspection. Again, I was surprised based on the current dispute to have received a car appraisal from LLC that afternoon. I was also surprised to see the car appraised much higher than the value Mr. Shaw quoted.

Buyer Services International LLC contacted me about week later and admitted that they were at fault for sending the right pictures but the wrong report and was trying to determine what went wrong internally so it would not happen again. My question to the person was if the second report was the right report then why did it still have some of the same errors that I pointed out in my email about the first report. Also why did the first report have the correct vin numbers, etc. The person didn't comment but did politely apologize for sending the inaccurate reports and claimed to understand why I stopped payment for the report, pictures, and appraisal. Before hanging up, the person asked if I bought the car and for how much. I replied that I did buy the car for my initial offer of $25,000. I was impressed that the company contacted me to go over the situation and offer me an apology. I thought the matter was resolved. Guess not. I guess they forgot to mention in the letter the part where they admitted to providing poor service. The statements that LLC provided in the letter are written out of context. The company has it wrong. This has nothing to do with me believing the dealer over their inspector. This is about a company who is trying to collect payment for a service that they did very poorly.

In this particular case, Buyer Services International LLC did not deliver the services that were agreed upon based on the signed terms of services. They even admitted fault during the follow-up phone call with me. They now want to hide behind a weak signed service agreement and poorly written refund policy. I also see they did not include any reports or pictures to support their position only because if they did it would just again prove they did not honor the terms of service. It wasn't me that broke the signed agreement. It was them. The reports and pictures are copyrighted but if you can get permission from the company, I will send both reports with the pictures that I modified showing the obvious errors in the reports. There were other errors in both reports however those tend to be more argumentative, therefore I left them out. They simple do not want to honor their website guarantee even after admitting their mistakes.

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