BuyersUSA Relocation

Country United States
State Afghanistan
City Anniston
Address PO BOX 2329

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  • Apr 22, 2014

I joined Buyers USA a year and a half ago. I signed up for a two year membership to receive RE Leads in my area, the webiste stated the cost was $200.00, but was charged $350.00 when they ran my card through.

I complained numerous times(no phone number to call, only email) and finally got a refund of $150.00.

1.5 years later I have not recieved one lead or any contact whatsover from this company(big surprise given the fact they tried to steal an extra $150 from me initially).

This company is a scam and rip-off. Don't pay them ANY money for leads, you won't get anything in return.

Real Estate Agents you have been warned!!

  • Jun 21, 2014


This is probably from a competitor. Members have access to our Member Instructions, which discusses how to increase their leads. If they do not receive sufficient leads during a membership period they can either request and extension. If they are a Priority level member, most likely they have the additional right to request a cash refund should a certain number of leads not be produced. We've been in business since 1992, have processed over 100,000 leads, which have been worked by thousands of REALTORS serving over 5,000 US cities. Prior to June 2014, our focus has always been relocation leads, which for many of our members makes up about 10 percent of their business. This is great for cities that are a popular relocation destination. However, when the city is not, we produce very few leads. A member should consider the popularity of their city before making an investment. Starting immediately, we are using our expertise to help our members attract home buyer and seller leads within their local market. If this complaint was from a real member, then we are truly sorry that they had a bad experience. However, we feel that if they were in a relatively popular relocation destination and followed our instructions, they would have been extremely successful.

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