Country United States
State American Samoa
Phone 1-844-797-3589
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  • Aug 9, 2014

I got a special promo offer from inlyte to purchase a trial pack of their e-cig for 5.95 thought it was a great offer, well they sent what they said in the add 15 ends and 1 battery and usb charger this was back in june, well yesterday i was looking at my bank account and they took 96.72 without my authorization so i went on the web site and it took me streight to couldnt get to their web site finally found a phone number could not hardley understand the woman on the phone very thick indian accent was demanding my money back which she said we cant as you only had 10 days to cancel the order (hadent even recieved the product in 10 days). the end result after about 30 min on the phone being put on hold 2 times they would only give me back 46.76 this place is not at all a company. i will ever deal with again. they misrepresented their product. first of all the battery would only stay charged for 20 min of use this is a worthless product in my opion. all i wanted was my money back. so the product ended up costing me 49.95 + the inital 5.95 promo offer. the product doesnt work and this company is very misleading .there was no paperwork that came with it to state that if i didnt cancel in 10 days i would be charged 96.72. all i wnted was my hard earned money back .so smokers looking to this company for help with quiting smoking RUN they will take your money and run

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